Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rawfully Tempting Giveaway

I have to post a second post for today because I am excited about another giveaway at Rawfully Tempting.
I actually won one this month but missed out on it because we were away for 5 days and I was unable to respond to the e-mail w/ in 48 hours. I was very sad!!
I really need this coffee extract because I have been making raw chocolate birthday cakes for the kids (see post for 7/18/10) and like to put coffee in to enhance the flavor of the raw cacao. I don't like using coffee, for obvious raw reasons. She had suggested I use this extract when I posted my recipe, stating that I had added some decaf coffee instead. So there you go...I need this extract. It would be really great to win this giveaway. Check it out for yourself at Rawfully Tempting.
Peace and have a great raw night!


Jessica said...

Hi Elisabeth!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!! I LOVE finding new raw blogs!! I'm going to add you to my blog list, so I keep up with your lovely posts~

Elizabeth said...

Awesome! Thanks for visiting. This will be fun following each other's blogs!

evergreen said...

Sorry you missed out on collecting your win, but wishing you the best of luck with this one!

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