Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mason's Dandy-Cherry Creamy Smoothie

Mason's Dandy-Cherry Creamy Smoothie

We start each meal with our fruit first. I have learned that eating fruits at the end of a meal makes all of the food in your belly ferment in the fruit sugars. Not a pleasing thought! And since we have a few family members that suffer with various IBD issues we really have to be careful with foods.
Each day we try to incorporate a green smoothie and a fresh juice made with my juicer; which I love by-the-way. This morning I was low on "supplies" so my 6 year old son and I put together this smoothie. The only green I had left in the fridge was a beautiful bunch of dandelion greens. I had bought them to make an apple dandelion smoothie a few days ago but I had an accident with my new blender. The last blender broke a few weeks ago so I ran out in desperation and just bought a cheap BHG blender from Wallyworld. It actually is really powerful and was working great until I dropped the glass canister in the sink and cracked it. I phoned customer service and they are sending me a new one!! But that will take 7 days so out comes the mini personal size blender again as a stand-by. I have to be careful with this mini blender because it can over heat. I have to partially thaw frozen fruit and add the ingredients in a particular order. I added the dandelion leaves to the water first and blended those up until completely broken down. I just had to smile when I saw the beautiful, dark green color knowing that I am feeding my kids the most amazing living foods possible.

How can you not feel good about that? The kids will never taste the dandelion but they will get all of the life giving nutrients and that just makes me smile a big smile!
Here is the order in which I put in the ingredients. As you can see this would make a great travel smoothie as well. You could easily make this in a hotel room with a personal travel size blender. No excuses to eating raw living foods even while traveling.

Mason's Dandy-Cherry Creamy Smoothie
 Put 8 oz water into blender
Add 6 smaller sized dandelion greens torn into small pieces
Blend well
Add 1 organic banana broken into small pieces
Blend well
Add 1 T Vega Natural Flavor powder plus small drop of almond extract
Blend well
Add 1/2 C partially thawed, frozen organic cherries
Blend well until creamy
Enjoy! And Smile!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for my children and the fact that they LOVE their green smoothies.


Ms. Adventuress said...


Joanna Steven said...

woops! Funny how for us a broken blender is almost a tragedy :)

Elizabeth said...

I know, I was just talking about it today w/ my hubby again, saying that I am probably one of the few people that would cry that they broke their blender!! The replacement pitcher came the other day so we are back in green smoothie HEAVEN!!
Peace & Raw Health,

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