Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Food for the Next Three Days

Here is a pic of most of my food for the big 3-day juice fast/feast!! I am so excited it is queer. Missing from the pic is my broccoli, some more kale, collards and tomatoes from my square foot garden, parsley from my herb garden, some radish sprouts and three large cucumbers from my sweet neighbor across the canal.
For my records I am going to bore you with my food list and the cost. I want to keep track and compare to future juice fasts.
3 (5lb) bags of organic carrots $11.97
1  organic honeydew $4.99
1  bunch organic spinach $2.99
2 bunches of greens $5.98 (organic dandelion greens and organic dino kale)
3.08 lbs organic tangerines $5.21
3.31 lbs organic valencia oranges $5.59
5 organic lemons $4.45
2.89 lbs organic green cabbage $2.57
1.78 lbs  organic green pears $3.54
2 (3 lb) bags of organic red and green apples $9.98
1 box  organic Detox Tea $4.69
1 bottle of Mountain Valley Sparkling water $1.89 (for melon and lemon spritzers)
1 bunch of organic parsley $2.99
1 bunch of broccoli $2.00
red clover sprouts (pennies)
broccoli sprouts (pennies)
sunflower greens (pennies)
radish sprouts (not in pic--seeds soaking, will be ready on day 3)

I will be using my L'EQUIP XL Pulp Ejection Juicer to juice up all of this beautiful food. My recipes will be coming from the book, "Juicing for Life". I just love her simple recipes and she even gives you simple guide for a juice fast and a sample menu. All of the suggested juice recipes for the fast are grouped together for easy access.  She begins the book with the basics of juicing and then the main portion explains what juices are appropriate for various disorders from acne to water retention and everything in between. The final portion of the book show cases specific diet plans and she even has a suggested reading list. I really like this book because it is not complicated at all and the recipes are great.
In addition to my juicing I will be doing foot soaks, body brushing, detox tea, and Hippocrates green juice will start my mornings. Lots of lemon spritzers and lemon water throughout the day and if I get hungry in between green juices I will have orange juice as my "snacks". I actually considered doing a strictly orange juice fast but I don't think I could go three days with out my greens!
I look forward to starting this fast in the morning and will post my recipes and experiences as I go along.
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for determination.


kt said...

I will be so curious to hear how you feel on your fast. I've never done a juice fast (I don't have a juicer), but I am fascinated by the process. Good luck!

Catherine said...

Please report back! I can't wait to hear more!

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