Thursday, April 19, 2012

Caught the Cat Eating my Grass!

Caught the Cat Eating my Wheat Grass!

I caught the cat nibbling on my wheat grass the other day. I had just put up my new sprout rack; the grass was taking over the school book shelves so I had to do something different. Well now the cat can reach the grass and she has been doing some damage. When I came down stairs this morning there she was again and the floor was littered with blades of grass. What to do??
Here is the rack and I really like it.

 The smaller covered tray is freshly planted seeds. The other trays are all at different heights, even though the pic doesn't show that very well, so we can juice each day. It was a trick trying to figure out a planting schedule to ensure grass was ready to juice daily but I think I have it figured out.  We have been drinking our "shots" each morning and I am happy to report that the children can now down 2 ounces!! The baby can do 1 ounce! Our 14 year old son won't even try it, even when I bribe him with $$.
 I am so glad that I finally started growing my own wheat grass. It is so simple and I don't know why I was so intimidated the past two years--it feels good to have accomplished my goal.
The wheat grass rack matches my fruit rack that I purchased a few months ago.
Right now it is pretty empty. Normally the top rack is loaded with the bananas and the middle shelf normally is filled to capacity with mango, more kiwi, pears and avocado. In the basket on the bottom shelf are the juicing oranges that we use in the green smoothies. Before I had this rack all of the fruit was piled on the counter top and it looked crazy! I think this is a better alternative. You can find these racks at Kmart. They come in various sizes and go on sale frequently, making them very affordable.
I wish I had a picture of the cat nibbling on the grass but she ran away when I got the camera out.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for an organized sprouting system.


kelli said...

i'd love to have a system like yours! wheatgrass is very good for cats, i hear. i've tried growing it for my old cat to eat but she wouldn't try it. we just got a new cat and i hope she'll eat it. she's been playing in my houseplants, which i'm not too happy about!

bitt said...

My cat did the same thing when I was growing wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is good for cats, so I grew him his own pot. I had to put the other stuff outside so he'd stay out of it. I've seen other people put plastic sheets up to keep the cats out. Funny they like it so much.

Margaret said...

I can't grow the wheatgrass for ourselves because our cats would be laying in it and eating it. I need to grow them their own. I actually have a huge bathroom we don't even really use so I have to grow it in there.
I saw a grower have wheatgrass with plastic screens hanging around the same stands you have.

BrilliantWriter said...

Is it your cat? it's funny :)

Keshia Clancy said...

Where did you buy the rack?? And which juicer do you use?

Keshia Clancy said...

Where did you buy your rack? And which juicer do you use?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Keshia,
I bought my rack at K-Mart. My wheatgrass juicer is the "Healthy Juicer" I ordered that on Amazon.
Peace and Raw Health,

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