Saturday, April 7, 2012

Holy Saturday Contemplation

Choosing your Cross

"I chose to pick up the cross. Is it easy? No. but I think it's made me a better person, it has made me a stronger person. And there comes a point where you can have the condition, or the condition can have you. It doesn't have to be a cross or victimhood."

— from Moved by Faith

I adore this reminder to be strong and faithful when we encounter the dark times in life. Today is a beautiful day to be motivated to pick up our cross and follow in the footsteps of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Today is a day to be still, quiet and reflect on the great love Christ has for all of us. Tomorrow we all get to rejoice and praise Him for carrying the cross--our sins, so we could have eternal life. Humble yourself and be strong--pick up that cross. (source of clip art)

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Kris said...

Thanks for sharing...God bless and have a good Easter.

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