Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Don't Know About This, But I'd Like to......

One of today's blog prompts was, "I don't know about this, but I'd like to...." So in response to this I wrote:
I don't know about doing a water fast, but I'd like to do 3 days or so of mono meals.
Mono eating is very simple really. It literally means eating one food at each meal. For example, breakfast may be only bananas--say 10 bananas, more if you are an athlete. Lunch may consist of 4-6 oranges or fresh squeezed orange juice--in large quantities, not just a small glass. And finally dinner may be a massive bowl of fresh sprouts like sunflower greens, at least a half pound. These examples would be for a seasoned raw foodist, someone just embarking on this lifestyle would probably have to eat less.
I like Dr. Douglas N. Graham's description, "Mono eating is the practice of eating one particular food for an entire meal in sufficient quantity to produce satiation until the next meal." Why would one do this? Dr. Graham says, "I recommend eating mono meals for optimal digestion, absorption, and assimilation." I personally do it because I feel so good doing it. My stomach feels perfectly calm and flat. Sometimes when I miscombine foods I suffer from  stomach bloating and it is very uncomfortable. But I also like doing it frequently because it is so darn easy!! I don't have to think up a days worth of recipes, I just munch on a massive bowl of fruit or greens. Makes me happy :)
Another advocate of mono eating is a raw vegan couple who like us, have 5 children that they home school. Their names are Storm and Jinjee.  I have followed their blogs for over 3 years now and continually get inspiration. Here is their latest post on fasting and mono eating and their reasons for doing it. And I agree with Storm in regards to the truly astounding results one can gain through the raw vegan diet. I am so blessed to have found it 3 years ago. It was my raw awakening!!
But first let me share one of my recipes, it is not mono if eaten together of course, but you could easily convert it by using only pineapple and then only carrot at the next meal. Enjoy!

Mono Meal of Pineapple and Carrot Core Juice

1 entire pineapple, diced (reserve inner core)

Carrot Core Juice

8 large organic carrots + pineapple core, run through your juicer
(convert to mono by just juicing the entire pineapple with core;
convert carrot core juice to just carrot! Easy.)

The Raw Awakening

Storm: One of the things that has truly amazed me about the raw vegan diet is how by doing something so simple you can achieve results that are totally astounding.

I have always liked the concept of fasting and I have also really liked the principles behind mono eating. Both of these are kind of extreme so it is not something that you would want to do for a long time. But in the short term I have achieved amazing results with mono eating without feeling deprived or sending my body into any type of uncomfortable detox.

So my Raw Awakening Menu is something that I like to do right before the holidays to kind of shrink my stomach and give me the clarity and discipline that I need to totally enjoy the rich raw recipes that my family and I eat during the holidays without overdoing it or going off the wagon.

-- Here is Storm's free eBook about the principles behind The Raw Awakening 3-Day Mono Fast....

Feel free to pass on to friends, share on your social networks, and freely spread this link around.....

Also, here is Storm's new Blog about Raw Awakening....
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for accepting my sufferings, in service to the glory of God. Grant me the patience O Lord!

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