Sunday, December 23, 2012

Raw Applesauce 3 Ways

Christmas is almost here and our children are getting very excited, as you can imagine. Today we finish our decorating by stringing the lights on our tree, arranging all of the ornaments, and decorating the outside of the house and the yard. We wait until Christmas Eve at our house to light everything up. It makes the anticipation of Christmas more exciting for the children and really makes THE day even more special.
I have been playing around with my raw applesauce recipes and ended up making 3 versions of the one sauce. The first one couldn't be any easier; it is simply organic Gala apples that I blended up in the food processor.
To that sauce I added some fresh cranberries and a few dates to add some extra sweetness.
The third version was a combination of the first two that I smothered in cinnamon--yum--and added some fresh organic raspberries in the middle. Sooo good, and yes, I ate the entire bowl!

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the fact that our shopping is all done and we can just sit back and wait for our Christmas celebration.

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