Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 18 of Raw Shred

32 oz of water

2 oz of fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp organic coconut sugar

32 oz of water w/ lime juice

Today we prayed the 5th O Antiphon and blessed the tree. Today the ornaments go on the tree and then we wait in anticipation!

16 oz of water

Today's Work out began with arms:

Next up a butt and thigh:

Total Body Cardio was next:

I skipped the cool down and did more cardio:

Did it 3 times over; I still had more songs on the Nano that I wanted to hear :)

Today I made the children a Strawberry Mylk Shake:

2 T organic flax seeds
raw cauliflower
Bag of organic frozen strawberries
1/2 of a small Haas avocado

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for our beautiful Christmas tree. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 17 and a Lost Tooth

So yesterday was my 17th day of charting my Raw Shred. It was a good day busy with the regular routine plus more Advent activities and decorating. We even had a tooth come out. While I was brushing our 7 year old's teeth, yes! I still brush his teeth, you are fooling yourself if you think children under the age of 9 can brush PROPERLY. Note I stressed, properly!! Not to mention I am a Dental Hygienist and a bit obsessed with clean teeth. Anywho...Here is a snapshot of the cute fella and his very first lost tooth.

Today's shred began as usual:

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp of organic coconut sugar

16 oz of water

Workout Time:

Arms with Unblocked Music:

Next I tried a new workout from Tracy Campoli--do it 3x for a great fat burning/shredding workout:

32 oz of water


Today we prayed the 4th O Antiphon.

16 oz of lime water

 16 oz of lemon lime water

Today's blended soup was Trader Joe's Organic Tropical Blend, bananas, organic baby spinach and loads of cauliflower.

16 oz of water

16 more ounces taken with me to bed

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for a happy little 7 year old who is just thrilled to have lost his first tooth. He keeps looking in the mirror and saying, "It really is gone isn't it Mom?" Too cute!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 16 of Raw Shred

18 oz of lemon water

2 oz of fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp of organic coconut sugar

16 oz of water

Today we pray the third O Antiphon.

16 oz of plain water

Today I combined my arms workout with cardio in this Fitness Blender Routine:

Then I did a Lower Body with some cardio/active rest between sets:

32 oz of plain water

Tonight's Blended Soup:

A mixture of frozen strawberry, pineapple, grapes, mango and peach. Bananas and Dino kale, loads of kale!! Look at that color! It was so good.

After we decorated the porches I had some steamed organic white rice and some organic green peas. No salt, no oil just a sprinkle of onion powder!! Yum.

16 oz water 

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for 4 helpers that helped me decorate the porches and the yard tonight. It was a beautiful night and as our entertainment we had the moon rising up in the East as we worked--beautiful!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 15 of Raw Shred

I really don't know how long my shred will go on;I am just playing it by ear I guess. It actually resembles a cleanse or a raw detox but I never liked those titles. Raw Shred popped into my head one day because my focus was on the physical activity as raw foods was already part of my normal lifestyle.  I do know that I will not back down on the exercising, I really like how my new schedule is going. I also will of course never abandon my raw foods. It has been over 4 years since I adopted this lifestyle. I will always make it my goal to eat the highest percentage as possible, that is just how it will always be. I am determined to keep improving and learning each day. I of course won't keep documenting each and every workout and each and every thing I eat throughout the day but instead will revert back to my usual posts, sharing recipes and special things about our life.
 But this has been fun for me and it really made me conscious of what I was doing and what I was eating and drinking. I have always tried to keep hydrated but would actually get so wrapped up in our day that I'd forget to drink my water; how do you forget to drink water??!! So this has really helped me to focus on drinking enough and making it a habit vs a chore.

Today began as can tell I like my routine:

16 oz of lemon water

2 oz of fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp of organic coconut sugar

Later in the early afternoon, mug of Ginger Pear Organic White Tea

16 oz of lemon water

Circle Time:

Today we reveal the second O Antiphon, pray the rosary, our daily prayers and prayer intentions. 

Then we dug right into our school day. I have a busy day today with the usual routine plus some errands and more decorating, so I need to stay on schedule. 

16 oz of lemon water before work out.

Today's Workout:

Began with Arms on the stability ball:

Then did a 56 Minute SweatFest Butt and Thigh Cardio Workout (this one kicked my butt):

I ended with 100 squats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Feeling the burn big time!!

32 oz of water

My first meal of the day happened to be at dinner time again. 

Trader Joe's Mixed Berry Blend, thawed. Bananas and loads of raw cauliflower!!! So yummy. Then I sliced 2 bananas on top, I was hungry! This picture doesn't give you a good idea of how large this blended soups is but it is actually 34 ounces of bliss! 

16 oz of water before bed and I take a 16 oz glass upstairs for the night every night too.

+JMJ+Today I am grateful for finally getting the porches prepared for our lights, garland and wreaths. Tonight will be a fun night with the children decorating the outside of the house; both levels.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 14 of Raw Shred, Blessing the Nativity and O Antiphons

18 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp of organic coconut sugar

Today we set up the Nativity, blessed it and then had our prayer circle time around it.

We blessed the stable and manger.

Then the animals
We then blessed the Angels and shepherds.

 The star and the Magi

And finally Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child.
We then safely tucked the Christ Child away until Christmas Eve.

We begin each school day with our prayer circle time. I sit with the children on the floor and we pray the rosary, say our regular morning prayers and offer prayer intentions for whomever is on our prayer list that day. Then we read some poetry or a particular folk tale, learn a new song or read story of interest. But during the various celebrations of each Liturgical year we get to focus on particular devotions and traditions making for an very varied and exciting year for the children. This is the active component of their Catechism. I am truly thankful and feel so blessed that I can be the primary educator of our children. 

Today in addition to the blessing of the Nativity we began the reading of the "O" Antiphons.

I made a simple display out of ribbon and the images our daughter drew for us a few years ago. Each symbol is placed on the ribbon backwards/facing the door.

 Then as each reading is said it is turned forward so that on Christmas Eve all 7 symbols will be displayed. The "O" Antiphons are read from December 17 - 23, the seven days before The Nativity.

16 oz of lemon water

Today's Workout:

Arms with Tone It Up:

Then I did a 37 minute body weight cardio plus lower body strength training( 1 round):

Lastly  a 10 minute HIIT routine:

16 oz of lemon water

16 oz of lemon water

Today I actually did not have my first meal of the day until dinner time. I of course had my usual blended soup. Today I blended wild Boreal blueberries, bananas, spinach and sunflower greens. 
Top photo shows the actual color--it is screaming nutrients!!!

About 2 hours later I was wanting a salad. Simple salad of romaine, orange bell pepper, organic mushrooms, and some organic cucumber.

But it was lacking color so I added 3 organic Roma tomatoes!!
Before bed time rolled around I had had roughly 18 more ounces of lemon water.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the chilly weather--it makes us feel like we have a winter time too :) We had another fire last night and watched Polar Express.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 13 of Raw Shred

16 oz of plain water

Mug of hot water with fresh ginger and lemon (still suffering from the naughtiness)

2 oz fresh wheatgrass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp coconut sugar

Today I worked out in the early afternoon, my time of choice.

For the next 6 days I am going to do arms every single day. My posts are each a day behind, so I am writing this post on Monday but it won't be posted until Tuesday. (note to myself so I will remember my exact dates of this shred and our Advent celebrations/rituals)

 Today I began with an easy arm warm up from

Then I did this arm routine XHIT Daily:

This was a great cardio to get me warmed up and panting very quickly--feel the burn!!!

To finish it off I did an intense 7 minute cardio:

Today's Blended Soup:

Bananas, 3 heads of baby bok choy, 3 Medjool pitted dates and frozen mango, plus some Organic India Fiber. 

So last night was a beautiful night. The temperature was in the 60's, we went to church for the Advent Penance Service, came home and made a cozy fire.

Then we got some blankets and pillows and cuddled by the fire as we planned the remainder of our Advent preparations. Tomorrow we will set up and bless the Nativity and scrub the front porches and decks to ready them for lights and garland.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the warmth of a blazing and crackling fire. The sounds it was making were amazing--it was the picture perfect fire and what a blessing to share it with my beautiful family.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 12 of Raw Shred

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheatgrass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp cocnut sugar

Blueberry Soup:

Wild frozen blueberries

Baby spinach



16 oz water

2 Mugs of green tea

Salad with spiralized carrots, daikon, cucumber and sprouts.


Mug of peppermint herbal tea.

Not feeling well, digestiveley speaking, from that evil wheat crust!! I'm not eating much today, need to get things a rollin again if yah know what I mean.

Worked out late today, right before bed actually. I know that is the worst time to, but our schedule today was a bit out of sequence. Better to do it than not, right?

Warm up:

Then I did the Burn workout from last week:

Hit repeat and did it a second time!!!

To cool down and work the arms at the same time I did this Tracy Anderson routine; beautiful, soothing music:

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for making it through my workout tonight. My mind was trying to tell me to skip it but I ignored that and did it even though I felt like total crap!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 11 of Raw Shred and Naughtiness

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheatgrass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp coconut sugar

16 oz of water with the juice of a Meyer lemon

Today's Workout:

Cardio Warm up:

Next up a 30 minute Brutal Butt and Thigh workout:

Skipped the cool down because I went right on to Arms:

Ended with a Cardio Bootcamp:

Loads of water throughout the day.

Today's Blended Soup:

Blended together organic mixed berry blend, 4 bananas, water, baby bok choy, organic kale  and Organic India fiber.

I am bummed to say that my sprouting experiment did not work....I guess only sprouting seeds work. I have enough of those that is for sure but I was just trying to use up some old gardening seeds since I did not get my square foot gardens in this year.

Some Naughtiness at Tonight's Dinner:

Several years ago I had to give up wheat. My body said enough is enough. I was very sick and would breakout head to toe in hives every time I consumed it. Over the years I have had a few occasions where I had been exposed to wheat and was fortunate enough not to "hive out". I choose to avoid it, now that I know all of the health dangers it poses. Last night I was flirting with potential danger as I had some veggie pizza. It was loaded with just barely cooked veggies, no cheese, but a crust that was not gluten free. Unfortunately this was not an option at this particular restaurant. I woke up today hive free and am hoping that will remain true the rest of the day!! I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful veggies on top :(

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for finding my party dress and earrings, thanks to my Mom!! Now I just need to get some shoes and jewelry.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 10 of Raw Shred and the Question, "What Causes Menopause Symptoms?"

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp coconut sugar

Today was my much needed REST day!! No workout schedule today except for some heavy housework and more Advent decorating. I am one of those people who actually works up a sweat using the vacuum.

First meal of the day:

I blended a simple fruit soup of bananas, frozen mango and sunflower greens.

Looks Like Green Slime but Tastes Divine!!

Had a mug of warm lemon water and several glasses of plain water throughout the day. 


We are still in the second week of Advent, Sunday will start week 3. Around here we slowly bring out our decorations and keep building the anticipation as we await for Christmas season to begin. Once we reach Christmas Eve our decorations will be complete and we light everything up and begin our celebration. As I mentioned in a previous posts, hubby wanted to get a live tree this year. Trust me my picture does not do it justice, it really is quite beautiful. 

Yesterday we strung the lights and put on the star. Today we will bless the tree and have our prayer time around it. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be slowly adding the ornaments and on the 16th we set up our Nativity. I think the Posadas tradition is so beautiful and that is one we have adopted when setting up our Nativity scene. We of course do not do the 9 days of processions and celebrations but simple pray the Posadas Prayers to bless the manger as we set it up. The children really enjoy this and it puts the focus directly where it needs to be this month, on The Holy Family!!
We bless the stable and the manger.
Bless the animals.
Bless the Angels and Shepherds.
Bless Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child and then we tuck The Christ Child away safely until Christmas Eve, when we lay him in the manger.
And of course December 17th begins the "O" Antiphons. These are said from December 17 through the 23, on the 7 days before the Vigil of the Nativity. They are a collection of phrases from Biblical texts, singing of man's desire and longing for God. 

Tonight's Dinner

A simple romaine salad with yellow pepper, organic cucumbers and smothered with raw mushrooms. Dressing was a spicy nut dressing.

More water before bed.

On to another topic--menopause. I got this video in my inbox the other day and just had to share it. I was soooo excited to hear a doctor speaking about the importance of diet and lifestyle in regards to all aspects of health including how it affects the symptoms of menopause.
 I feel like I am a looooong way away from menopause but I have begun researching the topic so I know a little bit about what to expect or not expect. And I am very grateful that this is the first video/information I found on the topic. Truthful claims given by a female doctor who endorses a healthy lifestyle. Watch this great video and hear a doctor's perspective on just how important diet and lifestyle are in regards to menopause symptoms. We are in control of more than we know. We just have to keep educating ourselves using reliable sources and ignoring all the claims made by those who follow the SAD diet and those who do not take responsibility for their physical health. 

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the time I had soaking up the soothing sunshine as I enjoyed my fruit soup today on the back porch.

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