Saturday, December 14, 2013

Day 10 of Raw Shred and the Question, "What Causes Menopause Symptoms?"

16 oz lemon water

2 oz fresh wheat grass juice

Mug of organic coffee with 1 tsp coconut sugar

Today was my much needed REST day!! No workout schedule today except for some heavy housework and more Advent decorating. I am one of those people who actually works up a sweat using the vacuum.

First meal of the day:

I blended a simple fruit soup of bananas, frozen mango and sunflower greens.

Looks Like Green Slime but Tastes Divine!!

Had a mug of warm lemon water and several glasses of plain water throughout the day. 


We are still in the second week of Advent, Sunday will start week 3. Around here we slowly bring out our decorations and keep building the anticipation as we await for Christmas season to begin. Once we reach Christmas Eve our decorations will be complete and we light everything up and begin our celebration. As I mentioned in a previous posts, hubby wanted to get a live tree this year. Trust me my picture does not do it justice, it really is quite beautiful. 

Yesterday we strung the lights and put on the star. Today we will bless the tree and have our prayer time around it. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be slowly adding the ornaments and on the 16th we set up our Nativity. I think the Posadas tradition is so beautiful and that is one we have adopted when setting up our Nativity scene. We of course do not do the 9 days of processions and celebrations but simple pray the Posadas Prayers to bless the manger as we set it up. The children really enjoy this and it puts the focus directly where it needs to be this month, on The Holy Family!!
We bless the stable and the manger.
Bless the animals.
Bless the Angels and Shepherds.
Bless Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child and then we tuck The Christ Child away safely until Christmas Eve, when we lay him in the manger.
And of course December 17th begins the "O" Antiphons. These are said from December 17 through the 23, on the 7 days before the Vigil of the Nativity. They are a collection of phrases from Biblical texts, singing of man's desire and longing for God. 

Tonight's Dinner

A simple romaine salad with yellow pepper, organic cucumbers and smothered with raw mushrooms. Dressing was a spicy nut dressing.

More water before bed.

On to another topic--menopause. I got this video in my inbox the other day and just had to share it. I was soooo excited to hear a doctor speaking about the importance of diet and lifestyle in regards to all aspects of health including how it affects the symptoms of menopause.
 I feel like I am a looooong way away from menopause but I have begun researching the topic so I know a little bit about what to expect or not expect. And I am very grateful that this is the first video/information I found on the topic. Truthful claims given by a female doctor who endorses a healthy lifestyle. Watch this great video and hear a doctor's perspective on just how important diet and lifestyle are in regards to menopause symptoms. We are in control of more than we know. We just have to keep educating ourselves using reliable sources and ignoring all the claims made by those who follow the SAD diet and those who do not take responsibility for their physical health. 

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the time I had soaking up the soothing sunshine as I enjoyed my fruit soup today on the back porch.


kelli said...

beautiful tree!

"we are in control of more than we know". we sure are!

Terri D said...

I think our hormones are manipulated by so much in our modern lifestyle: our food, chemicals in our skincare products, chemicals on our clothes, go-go-go type of living, light/dark cycles, birth control etc. I know mine are crazy! Your tree is lovely!

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