Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Surprise for the Children

Getting this post done took me forever--getting back into the swing of things with our homeschooling after Christmas was quite the feat!! I have been busy like crazy writing lesson plans, putting away all of the decorations, and cleaning the house. Plus I decided to do some attic cleaning/organizing/donating projects. I actually made my donations for 2014 on January 2nd!! I got so into the attic project that I ended up with a car load of things to donate. It feels good to already have that done for the entire new year!
I wanted to share what we did this year for Christmas.  Hubby and I decided to do something totally different for Christmas. Last minute we decided to forgo the gifts and instead plan a spur of the moment trip to Disney. We kept it a secret from all 5 children, amazingly enough, and pulled off our plan. We never dreamed we could get a reservation last minute at our first choice resort, but we did.

We spent two nights in a cabin at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.

The boys had a great time playing outside on the deck and lawn of the cabin.

It is hard to believe that all 7 of us fit quite comfortably in this small cabin. It had a family room, tiny kitchen, eating area that sat all 7 of us, a bedroom and one bath. In the family room area there was a Murphy Bed and a small couch. Hubby and I were on the Murphy bed and our youngest child slept on the small couch next to us. The rest of the family slept in the bedroom which had one double bed and a bunk bed. The only real problem was having just one bathroom, but all-in-all it was almost perfect!! It was really nice having a Christmas with no gifts. I thought the little ones might freak out at the thought but once we explained that the surprise trip to Disney was their gift, they were ok with it. But our 7 year old did say, "Mom, this was really great but next year let's just do the gifts under the tree, okay?" Too funny!!!

 Kitchen table and family room

 Fully stocked mini kitchen

Hall leading to the bedroom where 4 of the 5 children slept. 

One bathroom shared by 7 people--interesting!

Bedroom had one double bed and a bunkbed.

 I packed the travel blender so we could start our mornings as usual, with a green smoothie.

Christmas Eve was spent at Magic Kingdom. We had never seen Magic Kingdom at Christmas time so it was a real treat for us all. We spent the entire day at the resort and had a blast. The weather was beautiful during the day but turned quite cold at night. We didn't bring our jackets to the park so hubby bought the children some sweatshirts and blankets so we could stay to see all of the evening festivities.

Small World Ride

Castle by Day

 Our teens who don't like getting their picture taken off guard.

We got some photo opportunities of the little ones while waiting in line for one of the rides.

Behind us people were getting their pictures taken with Pooh and Tigger--we got the boys picture with them while waiting in line for the Pooh ride.

 We got a sneak peak at Pooh and Tigger.

Eeyore's House Taken Over by the Boys

They light up the castle and it periodically changes color! Amazingly beautiful!!

Castle by Night

I think I'm missing a color, but you get the point. Then they projected images on the castle from random Disney movies, shows and various patterns. We got to see the night time parade and also the fireworks. 

And here is the gianormous, lit up Christmas tree at the entrance.

 Christmas Day we went to Mass, then took the boat back to the campground and enjoyed a special lunch buffet at the campground's restaurant.

 Then we spent the day with my brother and his family hanging out at their camp site and riding around on the golf carts.
We drove around looking at all of the decorations that the campers put up, it is quite impressive!

 My brother's family had dinner reservations at The Contemporary and we had reservations at Planet Hollywood.  

Wonderful memories were created and everyone had a great time. I am really glad we decided to take this last minute Christmas trip.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful my husband's clever idea.


kelli said...

a christmas surprise they'll never forget!

when i was 10 my dad surprised me with a piano for christmas - when the moving truck pulled up out front my dad said look, one of the neighbors must be getting a piano. i'll never forget when they started to roll it to my house!

your teens made me laugh. i was the same way at that age! looks like you all had a wonderful time. i love the pictures of the castle. i always wonder what it looks like in there!

shannonmarie said...

That looks like so much fun. It reminds me of when my whole family went to Disney a couple of years ago. We are doing it again in the fall. We can't wait.

Sebastian Chuter said...

That lovely surprise! It reminds me of Christmas, which is the best holiday of all. I adored how the cabin designs with simple structure. The bedroom, of course is the best of all! What an interesting trip, I’m coming back for sure.

Sebastian of
Factory Direct Gazebo

Terri D said...

We had so much fun at Disney! I didn't think we would! But they run that place like a machine! So well run!

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