Friday, February 21, 2014

Lowering Your Cancer Risk with Foods

Antioxidants. That word has been a buzz word for years when it comes to health. So how should we get our antioxidants? From a pill or from our food? Well, the good Dr. Greger shows you some scientific studies that once again proves we just can't bottle what we find in nature. Pure and simple message: Eat or drink your greens and fruits everyday. It doesn't matter how you do it, just do it. And I am talking about consuming them at every meal, and in abundance!!! Lowering one's cancer risk can be done by consuming antioxidant rich foods not supplements. Watch the video to hear more. Peace.

One of my favorite ways to get a good "shot" of antioxidants every morning is my beloved wheatgrass.

Prefer something fruity?? How about the Mango Banana Pudding recipe I posted yesterday??

Or my Purple Monster Bowl??

Or a simple green juice made from parsley, lemon and cucumber. You can add 1 green apple if you are new to green juices and want to add just a touch of sweetness.

You get the point--eat/drink your fruits and veggies!!

Today I am grateful for getting the boy's hair cut. Look at the cuteness!!!!!

The final picture is a keeper!!
P.S. We do have two more children, they are teenagers that do not let me photograph them anymore, sad but true.


Terri D said...

Do you grow your wheatgrass?

Cute, cute, handsome boys! And nice-looking weather!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Terri,
Yes I grow my own grass--wheat grass that is!!
Thanks about the boys, and yes our weather in southern Florida is pretty much paradise all of the time. Blessed.

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