Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seed Yogurt

The other day I came across an article, by Thomas Stearns Lee, NMD, which contained recipes for seed cheese and seed yogurt. His recipes call for Rejuvelac and sunflower seeds, but as usual I improvised and used things I had on hand and created the same end result! 
I decided to make the savory Seed Yogurt to be used as a base in my salad dressings or sauces. It was incredibly easy and delicious. 


Pumpkin Seed Yogurt

By Elizabeth

1/2 cup raw pumpkin seeds (or raw sunflower seeds)

1/3 cup raw sesame seeds

8 ounces of filtered water

2 vegan probiotic capsules

Pinch of Real Salt

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Soak the seeds for 6 hours. Rinse seeds after the soaking time and allow to sprout for 6-8 hours. Fill a high speed blender with 8 ounces of filtered water. Add the sprouted seeds and blend until creamy smooth. Stir in the salt and lemon juice. Finally, add the powder from 2 vegan probiotic capsules and gently stir until fully incorporated. Pour the yogurt mixture into a sterilized glass jar, cover with a clean cotton wash cloth and allow to sit at room temperature for 4-6 hours. Remove the washcloth, cover glass jar with a lid and refrigerate. Should last up to 5 days refrigerated. This recipe yields approximately 2 cups of yogurt. Use in any of your raw savory salad dressing or sauces. 

Nota Bene: This is a very strong/savory tasting yogurt. For a milder flavor substitute raw sunflower seeds for the pumpkin seeds. 

Those are pumpkin seeds even though my jar is labeled sunflower....Teeheehee 

Invert jar at a 45 degree angle and sprout for 6-8 hours.

Finished product👍🏻

I think my next project will be trying my hand at making the Seed Cheese. I hope you try making this super simple raw, vegan, savory yogurt to incorporate into your raw recipes. Enjoy!


Here are the original recipes:
(By Thomas Stearns Lee)


  • 1/2 cup 24-hour sprouted soft pastry wheatberries (available at natural food stores).

  • Use only spring or filtered water.

Grind wheatberries and put 1/4 cup each in 2 large jars.  Fill jars almost to the top with water, and cover with cheesecloth and an elastic band.  Allow the mixture to sit for 3 days.  On the fourth day, pour off the Rejuvelac, straining out the berries and sediment.  Store unused Rejuvelac in the refrigerator.  It will keep several days.  Start a new batch twice a week.

Seed Cheese

  • 1 cup Rejuvelac or spring or filtered water

  • 1-1/2 cup hulled raw sunflower seeds

  • 1/2 cup hulled raw sesame seeds

Soak seeds 8 hours and sprout for 8 hours.  After this time, pour Rejuvelac into a blender.  Blend at a high speed, slowly adding seeds until all are blended to a smooth paste (approximately 4 minutes).  Pour the mixture into a glass jar, cover with a cloth or towel, and set aside for 4 - 8 hours.  If Rejuvelac is not available, use water and let mixture sit an extra two hours.  Or, save 1/4 cup from a previous cheese elapsed, pour off the whey by inserting a wooden spoon down one side of the jar to form a tunnel and spilling the liquid into the sink.  This recipe yields approximately 2-1/2 cups of cheese.  Store it tightly covered in the refrigerator.  Refrigerated, the cheese will last 5 days.

Seed Yogurt

  • 2 cups Rejuvelac or spring or filtered water

  • 1-1/2 cups hulled raw sunflower seeds

  • 1/2 cups sesame seeds

Follow the same procedure as for Seed Cheese above, only set the mixture aside for no more than 6 hours.  Stir and refrigerate.  This recipe yields about 4 cups.

+JMJ+Today I am grateful for my loving husband of 25 years!!! We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary on July 7th. I am truly blessed. 

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