Friday, December 10, 2010

Transitioning to Raw Part III

As I mentioned previously, November marked my one year anniversary transitioning to the raw living foods lifestyle. One of the first things I did after discovering the raw foods diet was search the Internet for any and all information on preparing raw foods. I filled notebooks full of recipes, that I found on the Internet. These are now my "uncook books" that I treasure. I actually wrote most of them all down by hand!! But once we purchased our laser printer, I started copying them off web sites and putting them in 3-ring binders. I was hungry for knowledge, raw food knowledge. I spent soooo many hours educating myself about this new way of life. I couldn't wait until the next meal so I could experiment with one of these amazing recipes that I found on raw foodist's blogs. I am so thankful for all of the bloggers that share their recipes and knowledge. It is like having a support group 24/7.  Speaking of support. I could not have done this if it weren't for the support I got from my sister-in-law (check out my sister-in-laws quilts on her Etsy shop. She is quite the talented quilter! She makes amazing cards as well) and our local raw and living foods group.  It makes you feel like what you are doing is truly worthwhile even though the general public may think you are nuts. They just don't get it. Your eyes really have to be opened in order to see the light and the one thing that opened my eyes was learning all about the numerous people who cured themselves of cancer and other debilitating diseases by eating a raw living foods diet. I attended many lectures this past year and have seen several DVD's on the raw living foods diet and the knowledge I have acquired is so precious. I wish that some day everyone will understand just how important food is in relationship to health. Most people don't want to know the truth because they are just not willing to give up their addictions. Addictions are tough, but will power can be even tougher. Get the will power and one can overcome any obstacle. Get your mind and soul in the right place and watch miracles happen. It is all a journey. An important journey at that and one that I am so grateful for.
So let's talk about raw books. I eased into buying them. I would restrict myself to one book every two months. I didn't want to go crazy too quickly. Remember I am well aware of how much I can handle on my plate at one time and I had to move slowly in order to be successful at this new lifestyle. Here is a list of what I have to date in my library:

By the way, I was fortunate enough to get a complimentary copy of Everyday Raw Desserts. I will be doing a book review and featuring one of the recipes on my blog very soon. I wanted to wait until December to do this because I will have the kids take their winter break from homeschooling which will allow me the time to take on this task. I am very excited to do this! It is a great book! And speaking of Ani Phyo, I was fortunate enough to hear her speak and get her to sign my two books. She came to SW Florida and our raw food group had her do a lecture and food prep demo. It was a great night. I was able to share it with our oldest child, our one and only daughter. She has four younger brothers. See my post about that great evening here.
I had a blast scouring the Internet for raw food recipes and thought I would share one of my own. I am so thankful for all of the raw foodists who share their recipes and I love sharing mine. I picked up my organic buying club's half basket of produce the other day and had to figure out what to do with my turnips and Chinese cabbage. Here is what I threw together:

4 organic turnips, grated
1 red delicious apple, processed with the "S" blade
1/4 of a head of Chinese cabbage, processed with "S" blade
juice of 1 lemon or lime , I used a lime from my tree :)
2 t raw honey
2 T Gogi berries, soaked
2 T organic raisins, soaked
2 T raw sunflower seeds, soaked
pinch of Herbamare
Put turnips, apple, cabbage, gogi, and raisins and sunflower seeds in a medium mixing bowl. Sprinkle on the pinch of Herbamare. Stir well. Whisk the lime juice with the raw honey and pour over slaw in the bowl. Mix well. Let sit for 30 min so flavors will blend. Keeps well in refrig for 2 days.
+JMJ+Today I am grateful for discovering the raw living foods diet. I feel so blessed and wish more people would take the time to really study and learn about living foods. It all makes perfect sense now and I am dumbfounded when I think about the foods that people consume on the Standard American Diet not knowing the harm that it does to the body.  I cherish our faith and love living it to the fullest each day. Knowing that our bodies were created to be a temple for the Holy Spirit makes it easier for me to model this lifestyle for my children. They know the importance of protecting and nourishing their temples and that makes me smile. We are still learning and have a way to go but it is all good and I am truly grateful.

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