Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Mint Sorbet

Green Mint Sorbet

My sweetie wanted a treat the other night so I threw this together for him. I must say it was very, very good. I loved the little specks of green and the mint and slight hint of lemon were just amazing in this recipe.
Green Mint Sorbet
In a food processor, process the following until creamy and smooth:
1and 1/2 frozen bananas
5 small mint leaves
small handful of baby spinach
1 lemon wedge, seeds removed and half of the skin remaining
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for trampolines and bean bags. I got such joy today out of watching my kids play on the trampoline and try so hard to get their bean bags into the toss game. Precious moments that I cherish.


Antony said...

What a great idea to put spinach in ice-cream - loved trampolines when I was a child

Veggie PAK said...

I'm going to try this one this weekend. It looks very tasty!

Terry said...

This really sounds good.

I haven't tried bananas yet... but this might be well worth trying.

RunnerBeanGreen said...

that looks so good! i love minty things....gonna try this tomorrow :-) genius!

Charla @ Healthy Home Blog said...

This looks delicious! I left my new peppermint plant on the deck. It's frozen now! It should come back in the spring, right?
I'm trying to incorporate more raw veggies into our diet, but since I went back to teaching after Christmas, I end up going the quickest route. I love a good salad with raw veggies and need to start having them again. Your blog inspires me to eat healthier!
Thanks for stopping by Healthy Home Blog by the way! :)

Elizabeth said...

Bummer about the peppermint! Try growing some inside during the winter.
It is amazing how much better you feel when you keep adding in more and more fresh vegetables. I try to serve only raw vegetables as side dishes for the rest of the family and they love all of my raw recipes--no complaints so far. They haven't even noticed that I cut out cooked veggies and swapped them for raw.
The organic bags of mixed salad greens that are already washed make a quick and easy salad. I know they are more money but it will save time and time is valuable for busy people.
Peace Raw Health,

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