Monday, October 3, 2011

Asian Marinade

Here is an incredibly simple raw recipe that I know you will love!! I could eat this several times a week and never get tired of it--it is just that good! I call it "Asian Marinated Veggies". Peace and Raw Health!!

Asian Marinated Veggies
by Elizabeth @

1 Bunch of Organic Broccoli
1 Large Yellow
1 pkg Organic Mushrooms
Pure Maple Syrup
Splash of Water
Sesame Oil
Fresh Garlic
Sliced Ginger
Sesame Seeds (black and white)
Chop the broccoli, dice the onion, slice the mushrooms and toss them with the Tamari, syrup, water, EVOO, sesame seeds, ginger and garlic. Allow to marinate for six hours and then place in dehydrator until warm. Serve and enjoy the goodness!!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for my peaceful kayak trip. I saw a raccoon fishing in the mangroves, a flock of Ibis feasting on an oyster bed, and a Grey Heron. I also found a yellow "noodle" and a brand new fishing lure wrapped up in the top of a mangrove; I brought both of those back home! It's the simple things that make me give thanks!!!

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Cynthia said...

Looks yummy I wish I was there to share

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