Thursday, March 20, 2014

Vegan RAW Banana Splits

Today I felt like making the kids raw banana ice kream with some chocolate and strawberry sauce on top! Why not, right??!! A few weeks ago I stocked up on extra bananas, allowed them to get fully ripe, and then froze 2 big bags full; that way we have a stash of frozen naners on hand to make ice kream any time we want!. This ice kream can be made using a high speed blender, food processor,or a YoNanas maker. I have done all three over the years. To start you'll want to soak some dates in water. (reserve the soak water) This will be the sweetener for the sauces. Prepare your sauces before blending the ice kream. (recipes below)
The strawberry sauce was pretty basic, just fresh organic strawberries and the dates. The chocolate sauce was made using raw cacao, dates and vanilla. Sorry for the blurry pic.
Next step is to place the frozen bananas into your blender or food processor, adding a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Allow the bananas to soften just a bit at room temp. I usually wait 5-10 minutes. Pulse the frozen bananas until they break up a bit and then blend/process them into the consistency of soft-serve ice kream.

Scoop the ice kream into your serving bowls and top with some chocolate and strawberry sauce.
I shredded some raw coconut in a coffee grinder until almost powdery. Used those as our healthy sprinkles.

Raw Strawberry Sauce

by Elizabeth

2 cups of organic strawberries
3 Medjool dates

In a personal size blender, blend the dates and strawberries to desired consistency.

Raw Chocolate Sauce

by Elizabeth

5 Medjool dates
2-3 Tablespoons of raw cacao powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Enough soak water from the dates to blend

In a personal size blender, blend all of the ingredients, adding the soak water as needed to get a smooth consistency. 

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the fact that we can eat raw, vegan ice kream all day long if we want!!! Beauty of the raw lifestyle.


kelli said...

i thought i commented on this? anywho, i'm making these tonight and can't wait! we're going to add pineapple yum yum! thanks for sharing your recipes!

Anonymous said...

Going to share this! Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Most welcome!! They are great!

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