Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can I Really Eat This for Breakfast?

Chocolate Breakfast Oatmeal

 I was introduced to a blog yesterday and I found a recipe for chocolate oatmeal. I decided to adapt her recipe to my tastes and I came up with an amazing Chocolate Breakfast Oatmeal. As I sit here eating it I have to think, "Can I really eat this for breakfast?" It tastes like a wonderful dessert. Like a chocolate oatmeal cookie, but in a bowl. Raw foods are great aren't they? I love that no rules apply when deciding what to eat for each meal. As I have posted before, my favorite thing to eat in the morning is actually salad!! So this is a bit different. If I could figure out how to incorporate some greens into it I would. Actually I just got a great idea. I just "harvested" my brown lentils today; those are going in! Lentils would go great with chocolate. If you don't love brown lentils, leave them out, you'll think it is strange. I love them and they taste great in my bowl. I added 1 heaping tablespoon. I'm thinking in place of the lentils you could add soaked raisins perhaps. Well enough rambling, here is the recipe:

Chocolate Breakfast Oatmeal

1/2 C Steel cut oats, soaked 8 hours then rinse and drain well (or oat groats properly soaked)
1-2 T raw cacao powder
1T raw agave
pinch of cinnamon
pinch of salt
1 capful pure vanilla extract
2 T fresh nut milk or rice milk
8 raw pecans, soaked and chopped
1-2 T sprouted brown lentils (optional)
1 ripe organic banana, cut into rounds

In a small bowl mix the cacao, agave, salt, nut milk, and cinnamon till smooth and well blended. Stir this into the oats. Top with the sliced bananas and chopped soaked pecans. Sprinkle with some raw cacao powder. Enjoy!
NOTE: I found the inspiration for this great recipe on
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for lazy summer days. Yesterday was such a great day. I just hung out with the kids in the yard and floated around in the pool after the two youngest crashed outside...they both just fell asleep and while they were snoozing I had some time to swim with Mason and Mitchell. Madison was upstairs reading The Phantom of the Opera. She is quite the bookworm! Boy I'm going to miss these days once homeschooling is back in session.
Peace and  Raw Health!
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Cynthia said...

Looks great I might just this one a try. Cynthia

evergreen said...

This looks the addition of extra nutrition with the lentils:)

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