Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drying and Grinding Steevia

My Organic Green Steevia Powder

When I saw the price for a bag of green steevia powder I said to myself, I can do this!! I found steevia plants at both Home Depot and Wally World. I bought mine at home depot. I have it growing in my container garden on the upper deck. I planted it in an organic soil mixture that I blended myself. I feed it weekly with an organic liquid plant food. I harvested my first bunch a month or so ago. I hung it upside down to dry in the kitchen. Once it was fully dried I ground it to a fine powder in a clean coffee grinder. I store it in an airtight container in the pantry. See how easy that was?? And just think of all the money I saved. Awesome in my mind!
 It is so important to try and grow at least a portion of our own food. I am limited during the summer as to what I can grow since I am in Southern Florida. Not much produce can survive the heat. I am successful at growing grape tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper and a variety of herbs and micro lettuce/greens. Fruit trees are good also. Right now I have a tree full of key limes and two pods of bananas on my banana trees. I'll get pics of those for another post.
How are you saving money by becoming more self sustainable?
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for home grown goodness. Patiently waiting for our Fall planting season. :)
Grow Your Own Greens!!
Peace and Raw Health!

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simpledaisy said... that doesn't look too hard~
I've never had stevia before....I thought about putting some in my herb garden but didn't do it yet!!
Thanks for sharing:)

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