Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making the Transition to Raw

When making the transition to raw you can either jump in with both feet or slowly make the changes. I basically jumped in with both feet, with the exception of coffee. It took me six months of being raw before I could kick the coffee habit. But I am happy to say that I did it a few months ago and am so glad I did. My body was addicted to the caffeine but I just didn't enjoy drinking it anymore. As my body was getting more and more detoxed I was really noticing how awful the caffeine was making me feel. I quit cold turkey and the only with drawl symptom I suffered was night sweats the first night. I am very grateful for that because in years past I would suffer from migraines each time I tried to quit. I really believe that the fact that I had been eating raw for over six months at the time made it easier. I feel that as each month passes I notice more and more positive results from eating raw.
Here is a link that will take you directly to a great chart that helps you transition to raw. It shows you "bad, better, best" choices. There are six categories total on the charts. It really is a great resource. I didn't find this resource until after I had gone raw. I have found so many helpful resources on the Internet. I taught myself everything about eating raw by simply scouring the Internet. Now I have the good fortune to also learn from others in our Raw and Living Foods Group.
Here is the link for the charts, check it out:

This is another great starting point. When I was first researching and getting started on the raw and living foods lifestyle, I read every single page of this website. It took me several weeks, because I would read a little bit while taking breaks from the homeschooling, but eventually I read everything that I wanted to.

~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for all of the wonderful people who are willing to share the intimate details of their journey on the raw and living foods diet. I have learned so much and am learning everyday.

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