Saturday, July 10, 2010

Raw Carob and Raw Nori

I am so excited, I added two new raw products to my store. I have been looking for truly raw carob powder and raw nori wraps for quite a long time. No one in town sells them. Well I kept looking and I found them. I had to use lightly toasted nori for the sushi I posted yesterday. Once that bag is gone I will be ordering the raw nori!! 
I just uploaded both products to my astore!!
Here they are:
Truly Raw Carob Powder a 16 oz bag

and Raw Nori Wraps

P.S. I am doing a little research. I have asked Whole Foods if they can find and order raw carob and raw nori. We shall see what they say. Plus I want to compare the price to the two products I found and added to my store.

~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for my oldest child. She is our only girl. I am so happy to see that as she grows she becomes more and more like her father. They both have such a calmness about them. It is just what I need to balance me. They both are so patient and kind. I am truly blessed. Peace and Eat More Raw!

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