Sunday, July 4, 2010

Raw Sprouted Wheat Berry Bread

Sprouted Wheat Berries
Here you can see the bread triangles with dollops of raw honey.

I purchased my Excalibur Dehydrator one and a half months ago and made my first raw bread. It turned out really good and I look forward to making it again but with a few additions. The bread I made here was a slightly sweet version. I hope to make a more savory version next.
By the way, I love my dehydrator. So far I have used it for buckwheat krispies, tomatoes, raw sprouted bread, stuffed mushrooms, and pepper corn crackers.
Here is how to make the raw sprouted bread:
Soak 2 cups of wheat berries overnight. In the morning rinse the berries very well and drain. Let berries sprout in a glass jar for 2 days. Each day you must rinse them off and drain well about every 6 hours. This is the same technique that I described in a previous sprouting post. I reuse large glass jars from applesauce or spaghetti sauce. I cut screen material into squares and rubber band it around the neck of the jar. This makes it very easy to rinse what ever you are sprouting. I then invert the jars in a bowl at a 45 degree angle to allow for drainage. Overly wet sprouts will mold.
After the wheat berries have sprouted for two days you will see tiny white tails like the ones in the photo above. Now you want to let them air dry on paper towel so they are not wet when you are ready to process the dough.
Put them into a food processor with the "S" blade. Add a handful of soaked raisins and a pinch or more of sea salt. Process all into a dough. Spread dough with a firm rubber spatula onto the dehydrator non stick sheet. Dehydrate on 105 degrees for 12 hours. Check it after 6 hours to see if it is firm enough to turn over. To easily turn bread over, simply flip the tray upside down onto a second dehydrator tray and slowly peel off the non stick liner from the bread. Continue to dehydrate for roughly 6 more hours. Keep checking the bread because dehydration times will vary depending on your current weather conditions.
To make a more savory bread you can add flax meal, Italian seasonings and sea salt to the sprouted wheat berries and then process it and dehydrate it the same way.
Allow the finished bread to cool and then slice into desired shape. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Mine kept well for 4 days. I also put some in the freezer for longer storage.
Here is another recipe for sprouted bread. I have not made this one yet but it is next on my list:

Raw Sprouted Kamut Bread
(you'll have to do a little math to get conversions)
250 grams kamut, sprouted
125 ml agave (I don't use agave so I would use an alternate sweetener)
125 ml First cold pressed olive oil
250 ml filtered water
100 grams Lucuma
1 T Suma
Soak grains overnight. Drain well and sprout 2-3 days till tails are as long as the actual grain. Blend to a puree all of the ingredients. Shape into little breads on dehydrator sheet and dehydrate 9 hours. Flip them over and dehydrate 3 more hours. Serve it with some nut butter.
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for learning new things. I was lucky enough to spend last evening with some amazing people in my Raw Living Foods Group. I learn so much from everyone and truly enjoy our time together. Peace and Eat More Raw!

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