Sunday, July 25, 2010

Traveling RAW

We just returned form a trip to Orlando, our third in the past 10 months. Fun for the kids and I, but somewhat of "work" for the hubby. He was in classes all day getting his continuing ed credits for Optometry. The good thing about continuing ed is we get to go to really great hotels. Several of the meetings have been at The Breakers. That is by far our favorite location. This year it was held at The Hilton Orlando. It is a fairly new hotel and we enjoyed it very much. It had the most amazing pool for the children. I actually had all 5 kids in the pool all by myself for most of the day. My husband would come down on his longer breaks from class and hang out with us, but for the most part I was doing it alone. It worked great, I was surprised. I didn't think I could keep track of the 3 little ones alone. Thank goodness for arm floats!! They did so well. Mason, our 6 year old, did fine swimming around without any help, so I mostly had to keep a close eye on the 1 and 3 year olds. The oldest two went off to the Lazy River and the slide. We all had a really nice time. Here are some pics, next  I will write about what I packed and also what I bought upon arrival, to eat raw and living foods while traveling.
Mason Loving This Pool
We Loved This Water Tower

Eric Jr. is Very Happy!

Aidan Hanging Out

Madison Enjoying the Lazy River

Mitchell Relaxing on the Lazy River

We were gone for four nights. I decided to pack as much as I could and then buy more food upon arrival. Here is what I packed:

Wheatgrass Powder Packets
Blue-Green Algae
Mini red, yellow, and orange peppers
Red clover sprouts
Broccoli sprouts
Thick and Creamy Raw Ranch Dressing
Raw Almond butter w/ raw honey
Organic apple slices drenched in fresh lime juice
Organic red grapes
Organic bananas
Organic carrot sticks
Organic celery sticks
Organic raisins
Marinated tomato, zucchini and onion salad
Organic baby romaine
1 Ugly Ripe tomato

Here is what I bought upon arrival:

Spring water
Mineral water
Organic green grapes
Paper towel
Paper bowls

It sounds like a lot but it only took two small coolers to pack it all. We had adjoining rooms and each one had a refrigerator. I had loads of space to store all of the food. I packed a knife, cutting board, silverware, and salt and pepper. Food prep was easy in the room. We had breakfast and most of our lunches in the room. I just had to think ahead for meals and plan on eating mine in the room. Dinner we ate outside of the hotel at various restaurants. It was very simple, and worked well for me.
There was a painting in our room that reminded me of lettuce, I just had to get a photo. And they had some awesome paintings in the hall that I had to photograph as well.
I Loved These Paintings

We went to Downtown Disney and had a great time. The children loved visiting the Lego store.

Reminded Me of Lettuce

Madison Hanging with Lego Girl

We had a great time and I am happy to say that it was very easy to travel RAW. I think this time was the best planned so far. I am happy with everything I packed and was fortunate enough to have a supermarket down the road only five minutes away. Not to mention the added bonus of having two refrigerators! We all will have very fond memories of this trip. Peace and Happy RAW Travels.
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for family vacations. Time is going to go by so quickly and I will hold on, with a firm grasp, to these precious memories. Traveling while the children are young is always a challenge, but well worth it for sure!

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What fun! The pictures of your beautiful children are awesome :)

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