Saturday, September 4, 2010

Get Figgy with It.....It's Fig Season!!!!

I have been enjoying fresh figs!!! Our local market had them on sale, buy one get one free for a 16 oz box. So I got 2 boxes for $5 and some change. I have been eating figs everyday. Here are two recipes that I made over the past week. There are several others but they really weren't that exciting...just simple and good.
One of my favorite morning meals is my power pudding. I decided to incorporate fresh figs into it knowing how delicious it is with dried figs. After I took this picture I piled on the rest of the fig slices...the more the better I think. Here is the recipe:

Figgy Power Pudding

1 large avocado
2 small organic bananas
4 T carob powder (Raw is best)
1 T Non-GMO Lecithin powder or Sunflower Lecithin powder
1 tsp pure vanilla
2 tsp Lucuma powder
pinch of sea salt
6 fresh figs cut in fourths
Sprinkle of Hemp Seeds

Process the avocado and bananas until smooth. Add the carob, lucuma, sea salt, vanilla, and lecithin. Process till fully combined. Put pudding into a bowl, top with the fig slices and sprinkle with the Hemp Seeds. Enjoy!! This is insanely good.

Raw Fig Cereal

5-6 Turkey figs, cut into fourths
1/4 C Buckwheat Krispies
Fresh almond milk

Put everything into a ceral bowl and enjoy!

~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for finding a book on clearance for $2. It is called 6 Minute Toning. More about this later. Peace.


Jessica said...

Yum!! I love fresh figs! My parents have a fig tree in their back yard and it always jam packed with figs this time of year!

Good reminder I should go visit them ;) hehe


kelli said...

mmm, i want some figgy pudding!=)

RunnerBeanGreen said...

Heya! Your morning workout sounds perfect! And as for that power pudding...yummy! I'll definately be making one of those soon :-) I totally LOVE figs. I have some in the kitchen at the moment and you have just inspired me to get figgy with it ;-) Have a wonderful day x x x

evergreen said...

Yay! Great recipes for one of my favorite fruits, too!

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