Friday, February 11, 2011

Thick and Creamy Carob Smoothie

This morning for breakfast I made a juice for myself and the three youngest children. The older two were still upstairs getting ready to come down and start school. The morning juice consisted of:
2 lbs organic carrots, washed but unpeeled
1 handful fresh parsley
1 sprig fresh dill
1 large organic red apple
1 clementine, whole/unpeeled

I didn't bother to take a pic--we all know what carrot juice looks like :) This was just delicious--you never saw three little boys drink fresh juice so fast. My six year old said, "Mom you make THE BEST fresh juices". Isn't that sweet! He is my complimentor, always praising Mommy and writing me tiny love notes throughout the day even on his school papers I'll see, "Mom, I love you." Sigh! I wish they could stay frozen in time--all this sweetness, can it last?
For lunch I treated myself to a dreamy, elegant, thick and creamy smoothie. It was so rich and so filling I will be set until dinner!!
I made my own version of "Angela's Chocolate Avo Green Smoothie" which was posted by a viewer of "Blend It and Mend It", over at It was her February 10th's post. She demonstrates a version of it in a video. The original recipe calls for a few different ingredients that I didn't use and I substituted others. If you want to see the original recipe submitted by Angela, please stop by
You can even submit your favorite smoothie recipe to Jane and she will make a video on it. She made a video for me after I recommended she try using Pummelo instead of grapefruit in one of her recipes. She forgot to remove the pummelo seeds, so if you ever try one be sure and remove all of the seeds, they have like a 100 seeds in each pummelo, I swear.
Here is my recipe for
2 C of water or fresh nut mylk of choice
4-5 medjool dates, pitted or use 2 T of Coconut Water Date Paste (my post yesterday)
1 T raw macadamia butter
1 fresh, ripe banana (brown spots on the skin = ripe)
1/2 stalk of organic celery
2 tsp pure vanilla
pinch of sea salt
2 heaping T carob powder
1 large avocado
Blend until thick and creamy in a high speed blender. It will be almost like pudding, so add more water or nut mylk to get your desired consistency. Enjoy! This is insanely good!!!

After enjoying this smoothie I was thinking that this would make the perfect recipe for raw fudgesicles--just add in some coconut oil while blending and then pour into molds, then freeze.
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for friends offering me, much needed, information! It always makes me smile when people step forward and are so helpful.


rawesome goddess said...

oh my gosh fudgesicles sound like an incredible idea! this looks like a frosty from sure you could turn a lot of junk food junkies to the other side with this one:)

Antony said...

insanely good sounds absolutely right!

Girl on Raw said...

This looks like my kinda smoothie. I love them so thick you could eat them with a spoon!

yearaw said...

This looks great. I'm learning to like carob. However, I think I'm putting too much in because my smooties have that bitter taste and I don't want to add to much sweetner. But this looks great!

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