Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wacolcu Juice

Wacolcu Juice
My dear friend, that shares her Pummelos with me, was sweet enough to give us half of their enormous watermelon. I used 1/4 of it to make a refreshing breakfast juice. I juiced the watermelon with some collards and one whole organic cucumber--hence the name I gave it, Wacolcu Juice! Man-oh-man was it good. A little while later I had a large plateful of just cut up watermelon. A wonderful breakfast it was! Thank you "R"!!
The same dear friend also passed on a book to me titled, THE GREEN PHARMACY HERBAL HANDBOOK by James A. Duke, Ph.D. It is a wonderful book and a fantastic resource for any raw living foodist. What I am most grateful for is the wonderful websites that I found in the book. Here is Dr. Duke's website:
There is a great deal of wonderful information here, check it out for yourself.
+JMJ+Today I am again grateful for the kindness and thoughtfulness of friends.

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Mr. H. said...

Wacolcu juice, I love the name...I can't pronounce it very well, but I like it.:) Thanks for the links.

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