Monday, April 11, 2011

Release Day and a Recipe

We had so much fun raising our ladybugs and butterflies this Spring! I had posted about it in a previous post here. I had done this with our older two children years ago and this time around it was the younger three that had a great hands on science project to learn from and enjoy. Here are two of the butterflies just after emerging from the chrysalis. No that is not blood dripping down but some liquid that relates to their pigmentation. I freaked out when I saw it and my daughter explained what it was. Too funny. 

Two Butterflies Newly Emerged from Chrysalis
Now it was time to feed our new butterflies. We followed the instructions that came with the kit and nourished them for about three days before we released them.

 We also were watching our ladybugs get bigger and bigger each day. Now it was time for release day. I had the help of our youngest child. He was very excited and got into it in a big way. He put on the gardening gloves, helped me plant our nectar plants and helped me release the butterflies first.
We released the ladybugs in our square foot garden, in the strawberry plants to be exact. They hug around for a while and then most of them flew away somewhere in the yard.
 See the Raisins? That was Their Food
Wow, This is so Cool!
Now let's talk green smoothies. As I have written before, we start our mornings around here with a killer green smoothie. I look forward to creating a new one each day for the kids and I. The other day I went a little crazy and started throwing just about everything into the blender and here is the recipe I ended up with. I call it, "Ain't Holding Nothin Back" smoothie. I submitted it to Blend It and Mend It and will post if she features it. SO far she has featured I think three of my recipes. She videos herself making her own and viewer submitted smoothies. I just love her site! Check it out.

Ain't Holding Nothin Back Green Smoothie
by Elizabeth @ Raw Living and Learning

1 organic red apple, skin on
Small bunch of inner celery stalks, organic
1/4 of a lemon
1 banana
1 large kale leaf, organic
8 dandelion greens, organic
2 T Hemp seeds
1 T chia seeds
Juice of 2 tangerines
8 oz frozen organic blueberries
1 cup ice
1/2 C water
Blend into creamy green/blue yumminess. Enjoy!

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for the progress my sister has made.


Mr. H. said...

What a wonderful hands on learning experience for your children to partake in.:)

kelli said...

so cute!

HiHoRosie said...

That's so awesome! I would love to do this someday with my son.

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