Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 2 Advanced Raw Chef Level 1: Part I

Saturday, April 30th, 2011
Day 2 began at
8AM with Breakfast Preparation
Team 1 was preparing Raw Quinoa
Team 2 was preparing Rawsome Oatmeal
Team 3 was preparing Green Smoothies
Team 4 was preparing Almond and Pecan Milks
Our team made a wonderful green smoothie. Everyone really enjoyed it--it was gone before we could even put it on the breakfast table. All of the "Chefs in training" kept sampling it.
Once we all had our preparations completed it was time for a fantastic, raw, nourishing breakfast.

We enjoyed:
Fresh Juiced Orange Juice
Rawsome Oatmeal
Rawsome Quinoa
Fresh blueberries, strawberries
Banana Manna Bread with Cashew Frosting
Green Smoothies
Nut Milks
We also were able to sample the delicious Energy Soups

The one in the forefront is the unsweetened Energy Soup and the one in the back round is the sweet Energy Soup. They had "toppings" to add to the soups:
The toppings were:
Flax meal
Rye seeds
Here is how my Energy Soup looked and boy was it yummy!! I chose the sweet version.

We were so fortunate to have several demonstrations throughout our training and preparation sessions. Like I said in the previous post every minute of everyday was utilized and devoted to teaching us as much as possible during our Raw Chef Training Program. One of our many demonstrations was given by Chuck. He demonstrated how to make the Banana Manna Walnut Bread with Cashew Cream Frosting.

10:00AM Food Preparation resumed
Team 1- Granola Cereal
Team 2- Muesli Cereal
Team 3- Better Than Lara Bars Blueberry
Team 4- Better Than Lara Bars Cashew Cookie

My sister-in-law

11:00AM Food Preparation
Team 1- CHI Corn Chowder
Team 2- Mama Angelina's Tomato Basil Soup
Team 3- Broccoli Soup
Team 4- Paige's Sweet Potato Soup
Our team prepared the Broccoli Soup. It was good and beautiful also.
I dressed it with some EVOO, sprouts, fresh basil and a pinch of red pepper flakes.
Mama Angelina's Tomato Basil Soup

We then jumped right into our next Food Preparation. All teams prepared Raw Pad Thai Salads.

Zucchini Noodles with red bell peppers, sprouts, lentil sprouts, and cilantro. Here are the left over zucchini cores.
Bobby, our Master Chef Instructor told us how he seasons these and then dehydrates them for later uses. What a great idea! He calls them "mushrooms".
We prepared an incredibly delicious sauce for our Pad Thai.

Here is our dish, tossed:

During our Pad Thai preparation we were served a delicious Pineapple Orange Coconut Banana Smoothie. The interns at Creative Health were so gracious and made sure that we were well hydrated and that our energy levels were high.

Lunch was served. We were able to sample each team's Pad Thai and we also had a broccoli and cauliflower salad served with Bobby's famous Poppy Seed Dressing. When I returned home I just had to make this dressing. It is just delicious! Here is how my recipe looked.

Four more awesome demonstrations were on our schedule. These were:
Seed Cheese
Smoked Pepper Cheese
CHI Sour Cream
Sprouted Quiona Rejuvelac

I will stop here for Part I of our Day 2 experience. So much happened each day it still makes my head spin when I think about all that we did and learned. I will finish Day 2's post soon. We had the opportunity to prepare raw cookies and brownies, more demos and our dinner preparation, movie and Banya time.
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for my son's increased energy and rosy cheeks.


Catherine said...

How do you feel about the fat content of the recipes? I know you are careful about how much fat you usually eat and I was just curious to hear how you felt eating all that amazing raw (but fat!) food. Do you think you will keep those recipes for special occasions?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Catherine,
It is too funny that you asked this question. Several of the students were wondering the same thing. Our instructor explained very clearly that the raw living foods diet would limit dishes like these, sticking mostly to fresh sprouts, greens and some fruit. BUT! We did need to learn how to make "Gourmet Raw" dishes so that we had a well rounded education in raw food preparartion. People wanting to use their certification to open a raw restaurant would certainly need to know how to prepare "fancier" raw dishes. My sister-in-law and I actually got quite a bit of GI upset while we were there. Neither of us consume large amounts of nuts--so it was a real shock to our bodies if you know what I mean. But it was something we had to do and that is ok with me. I just know that I could never have such rich raw foods in my diet on a regular basis and CHI warned us against tha very thing. They stress eating very simple raw dishes and loads of wheatgrass juice and of course SPROUTS!!!! They love their sprouts as much as I do so it was a beautiful thing!
Peace and Raw Health,

Catherine said...

Awesome, Elizabeth. Thank you for your answer! Are you thinking about opening a restaurant?

Elizabeth said...

Catherine...I am laughing so hard--I don't need to open a restaurant, I have one here. All I do is prepare food for this family of seven. I have to be careful because sometimes I vent my frustration outloud. I need to remember to prepare all of our food with LOVE. Isn't that what they say?? Tee, hee, hee. Preparing food all day long for 5 kids will definately keep me from ever wanting to have a restaurant I think. I wouldn't mind teaching people who want to learn about this lifestyle, but like you my time is devoted right now to teaching these 5 blessings we have.
Peace and Raw Health,

Ms. Adventuress said...


Catherine said...

Ha! Ha! This couldn't be more true! I am so very happy that you are staying home to your children and NOT opening a restaurant on top of it! Keep us posted on your success (kids-friendly raw recipes!).

kt said...

You made so much wonderful looking food! I can't believe how much raw food prep was packed into your day. Thanks for sharing; it's really interesting. :)

kelli said...

wow, looks like so much fun! love the idea of the "mushrooms".=)

ps - glad to hear that about your son!

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