Monday, October 10, 2011

Blendtec Blender Birthday and a Sphinx

Happy Birthday to Me
Oh yes, I finally have a high speed blender!!!!  My wonderful husband got it for me for my birthday. Happy birthday to me :)
The first thing I made with it was an orange sorbet for the family. We ate it so fast I forgot to get a pic of the finished product, oops!
Into the blender went:
3 large oranges
1/2 C organic green grapes
2 Cups of ice
Blend on the "ice cream" function and presto, fresh living sorbet. It was wonderful! Since then I have been whipping up the green smoothies in 15 seconds flat. I am so happy to finally have the power I have waited for for 13 long months. We have burned up 3 conventional blenders since the start of my raw food journey but I still have my travel (Tribest) blender for trips.
Take a look at what I found hanging out on the backyard fence.
 Tomato Sphinx Moth

 It turned into a great science study for the children. We got out all of our moth and butterfly field guides and determined it was a Tomato Sphinx Moth. Pretty cool!! And I didn't even scream like a sissy when I saw it. Normally I would have screamed so loud that the whole neighborhood would hear. I do that every time those darn Florida Anoles jump out at me.
+JMJ+Today I am grateful for my wonderful, new blender!!!!! Thanks honey. XOXOXO


kelli said...

happy birthday! what a wonderful gift!

blessedmama said...

Oh, lucky you! I have wanted a high-speed blender for so long, but it's simply out of our budget for now. I know that we would be drinking so many more smoothies and juices, if we had one. Our poor regular blender has such a hard time churning those things around. Happy birthday to you!

I love the picture you took of the moth! I am squeamish when it comes to most bugs too. Very uncool as a mom and a vegan, I know, but what are you going to do? I love that you turned it into a lesson for the kidlets.

Antony said...

Happy birthday! What a lovely gift :-)

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