Friday, October 21, 2011

I Love Simple Raw Foods

Raw lunches like these make me smile. So simple and so delicious. With our home school year in full swing there are days when simplicity is just what I need. Time runs short but I will not compromise when it comes to what I eat and the example I am trying to set for the children. Today we all also had some Apple Kale Lemonade. It was very tart and very good. I used a beautiful deep purple kale and a mixture of organic macs, yellow delicious and Fuji and then we juiced 3 lemons. Now that is lemonade! (no pic--the color was awful) If you are not use to green juices you may want to sweeten it with some liquid steevia.
Pear and Sprout Sandwiches
The sunflower greens that you see in the pic are mine but the alfalfa sprouts came from the market. I used the romaine as my "bread" and made mini sandwiches by rolling up pair slices topped with sprouts and greens. This was a very filling lunch--loads of fiber.
 I have been posting some new posts to the home school page, so you can click on that to see some new, fun pics of the kiddos having fun learning. For the first month and a half of our new school year,every other day another box of books and supplies would arrive. It is always kinda crazy our first few months getting back into the swing of things but so far so good. I look forward to a great year. Formally teaching all five kids will keep me challenged, to say the least, but I am up for it!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for a new start on my exercise program. It has been hit and miss and I am trying to commit to a regular schedule of weights and aerobic activities. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit--we shall see about that.

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