Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Berry Salad Lunch

Today began with a large glass of filtered lemon water followed by a monster green smoothie packed with goodness.
Lunch today, as I continue to experiment with my version of 80-10-10 was a giant berry salad. If you aren't familiar with 80-10-10 you'll look at my lunch and think, "Man, she's a pig". But eating this way requires high caloric intake and low fat intake. This salad gives me the carbohydrates and calories I need to keep me going. My photos don't show just how large this plate full of fruit really was--it was gigantic! I actually had a hard time eating it all. But boy was it good.

Berry Salad
3 organic bananas
16 oz organic strawberries
3 organic Bosc pears
1/2 of a Meyer lemon

In a food processor process 1/2 of the strawberries, 1 banana, and the juice from 1/2 a Meyer lemon. Next, slice the remaining strawberries, 2 bananas, and the 3 pears. Plate the sliced fruit, top with the pureed berry sauce and sprinkle on cinnamon to taste. Enjoy!

+JMJ+ Today I am thankful for a kiddo who recovered from a rough morning the other day.

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blessedmama said...

Whoa, that is a lot of fruit! But, how delicious! I just posted about a sugary cake, so my tummy is feeling guilty reading your healthy post. :-)

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