Friday, July 6, 2012

Grateful for My Grass

"Contemplation is recognizing the mirrors of God's love in all of creation and that true contemplation lifts us up from being bent down and focused on ourselves."

— from Dating God

Well I am now down from 4 - 2oz shots per day to 2-2oz shots per day. I was recovering from a surgery and really wanted the healing power of the grass to be in overdrive. That is why I started out doing the 2 oz shots 4 x/day. This was recommended in a couple of books, one of which was by Ann Wigmore. If anyone knows anything about wheat grass it is Ann Wigmore. Just check out this page filled with a wealth of information--this is a must read if you are curious about wheat grass or the living foods lifestyle!! It seems she started the whole wheat grass movement.
You can read my post on growing wheat grass here and see the type of juicer I use.
 Want info. on how wheat grass blasts cancer, read here!! Ann healed herself of cancer many years ago. Unfortunately she died in a fire in 1994. You can read a portion of her life story here.  View a rare video of Ann teaching sprouting. She did not color her hair, in fact her hair returned to her regular color after adopting the living foods diet. All of her gray was gone. She had her hair tested to prove to skeptics that it was not dyed. She is well known for her Energy Soup. Here is a video demonstrating the quantity of greens and nutrition that goes into one version of this amazing soup.
When I went up to Michigan for my Raw Chef training and certification I was fortunate enough to learn how to make this soup. We got to eat it each day as well; I love it! We also learned how to make Rejuvelac. I personally make mine with sprouted quiona vs  sprouted soft winter wheat like Ann did. Here is a video on making Rejuvelac.

I must say it is easier only doing the 2 shots. I really had to be on my toes planting and harvesting enough grass to give me the initial 4 shots. I simply do not have enough growing racks to grow that much grass effortlessly. If I had to do it again I would invest in another rack and more trays, to make it a bit easier.
I am grateful for my grass!!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for knowledge; knowledge that has allowed me to heal and continue healing.

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