Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Simplicity

My summer days have been filled with simple raw meals and loads of green juices, green smoothies and fresh, home grown wheat grass juice. Dishes like the one above have been how simplistic my meals have been over the past 24 days. Big bowls of fresh, juicy fruits and simple salads have been my super simple main courses. An even easier meal has been cutting a large watermelon in half, sitting down with it on my lap and scooping out all of the juicy flesh with a spoon. Half an hour later I eat the other half. Yes, I can consume an entire 10+ pound watermelon. Keep in mind that that is all I'll eat at that meal--mono meals are a favorite of mine.
So why the simplicity? I am actually on day 24 of a 30 day 100% Raw Challenge. A low fat, high carb, no salt 100% raw vegan challenge to be specific. Freelee at 30 Bananas a Day set the challenge and I was all for it. It's nice to be held accountable once in awhile to keep one focused on eating 100% raw, if that is your choice.
The challenge involves documenting online what you eat and drink each day. We also document our exercise, feelings and the amount of sleep we get each night. I must say it has been wonderful! I am exercising more than I ever have, sleeping better and loving my simple food and drink.
Hope you all are having a fantastically simple summer too!

3 organic peaches + a pint of organic blueberries

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for my beautiful bamboo bowl that my hubby of 22 years gave me as one of my anniversary gifts. XOXOXO

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Cynthia said...

I want a bowl and fork like that too!!! Your brother sucks! Do you know what we did for our anniversary? We both forgot until I got your email wishing us a happy anniversary. Ok we both suck! Everyday is an anniversary for us. That's what he keeps on telling me.
My all time favorite is peaches and blueberries with cream and sugar. Of course I don't add the cream or the sugar but man I loved that as a kid.

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