Saturday, September 7, 2013

Carrot Lemonade

I have been lovin carrot juice lately. I drink it straight up or in combination with other fruits and veggies. 
For Mother's Day this year my 9 year old went shopping with his own money (so sweet) and bought me this fantastic glass. It is my "hick wine glass" or should I call it my "hick carrot juice glass" since I really don't drink wine?!

Yes, it is a Mason jar on a stem. Ironically enough the son that bought this thoughtful gift for me is named Mason! I fill it with fresh juices and he just beams when he sees me using it...very cute!
Today I filled it with a yummy Carrot Lemonade. Here is my recipe:

Carrot Lemonade makes 32 oz

by Elizabeth @

(3) 16oz bags of organic carrots

2 small organic lemons

2 small tart, green, organic apples

Wash the carrots and cut off stem ends but do not peel. Wash the lemons and apples, cut into fourths.Run everything through a juicer and enjoy 32oz of pure bliss!!

Not convinced to give carrot juice a this article by John Joseph Immel and see just how beneficial carrot juice can be. Mighty powerful stuff! 

By John Joseph Immel

It's not hard to see why Carrot Juice has been called a 'tiny ginseng.' This sweet & exhilarating juice boosts your energy, called prana in Ayurveda. It's aromatic taste freshens your breath and wakens your palate while literally refreshing your entire body.

1. Get Relief from Seasonal Allergies 

Got hay fever? Carrot Juice offers powerful relief from numerous late summer ailments, like hay fever, as it detoxes your blood and reduces inflammation. Carrot juice clears heat and irritation from the respiratory tract, so you can breathe easy again and find relief from fall allergies.

2. Purify Your Blood 

The juice's cool and alkalizing nature relaxes the skin and eyes, a sign of carrot's blood purifying properties that have made it famous. It is the 'king of juices', a nearly ubiquitous ingredient in juicing recipes.

Beta-carotene, which gives carrot juice its bright orange color, metabolizes into vitamin A when mixed with bile salts in the small intestine. Vitamin A is strongly Pitta reducing, nourishing to the liver, and purifying to the blood. Carrot Juice's mild bitter taste enhances this blood purifying effect as it gently cleanses the liver.

3. Carrot Juice for Your Skin 

Together, these actions improve vision and complexion of the skin. Carrot helps make the skin noticeably softer, smoother, and firmer. Too much of the concentrated juice can turn your skin orange, but the effect is harmless. Some people actually like it because it gives the skin a tanned look.

During pregnancy carrot juice enhances baby's complexion while reducing the risk of jaundice. Carrot's purifying qualities also enhance the quality of the breast milk for nursing mothers.

4. Blood & Liver Tonic 

The blood purifying aspects together with carrot's sweetness make it an excellent blood and liver tonic. Carrots are ideal for liver deficiency, especially useful in the late summer dry season. To enhance this tonic effect, add blueberry juice, coconut water, and nettle tincture to your carrot juice elixir.

5. Stabilize Blood Sugar

Despite its sweetness, carrot stabilizes blood sugars levels. However it should be avoided by those with candida or other sugar sensitivities. One cup of carrot juice daily in the morning can help eliminate pinworms and roundworms in children. Carrots are high in anti-oxidants and have been promoted as anti-carcinogenic. They are rich in silicon and potassium.

Juicing Tip!

The nutrients of carrots are more concentrate in and near the skin, so use unpeeled, organic carrots.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for Mason Anthony.


kelli said...

how cute! i love that glass! i just started eating more raw carrots. i have to be careful with the oxalates. your children sound so sweet!

Daniel Berisford said...

I love carrot apple juice! Good article too!

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