Wednesday, July 9, 2014

RAW Spinach Dip

I love it when recipes just pop into my head and love it even more when they taste amazing!!!! Since fresh corn is easy to find during the summer I am always looking for an excuse to use raw, organic corn in recipes. I just wish the fresh organic corn wasn't so expensive though. Once you try corn raw I guarantee you'll hesitate cooking it in the future. It is just that good!!!
I put together some simple ingredients, raw corn being one of them, and came up with this RAW Spinach Dip.

The secret ingredient is Smoked Paprika!

RAW Spinach Dip

by Elizabeth

1/3 cup raw baby spinach, organic
1/2 of a small Haas avocado
2 T sweet onion, organic
1/4 cup raw corn, organic
1 T fresh lemon juice
1 tsp smoked paprika

Combine all of the ingredients together in a small food processor and pulse until desired consistency. Add a small amount of water if needed, to process the ingredients. Enjoy!

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for my fabulous husband who I've been married to for 24 years this past Monday--July 7th, 1990 we were married. I love you so deeply!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


Cynthia said...

Looks great I will have to give that a try!!!

Terri (HSD) said...

Smoked paprika adds so much depth! The dip looks great! And I second that good sweet corn can (and should be) tasted and eaten raw! I grew up on a farm, and I sold sweet corn in the summer for money. My kids, when we go home to mom and dad's farm, will just eat it raw, too. If it IS cooked, if it's good, it really just needs thrown in until it's heated. And bad sweet corn just gets tougher and less sweet with much cooking. Luckily, in the Midwest, sweet corn is easy to grow (so less chemicals, if any, needed) and not expensive when in season. Hope your summer is going well!

kelli said...

somehow missed this! dip looks delish - i love smoked paprika! happy 24 years and 2 months haha sorry i'm late but congrats to you...almost a quarter of a century loving each other!=)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much ladies!!!!

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