Thursday, December 9, 2010

Transitioning to Raw Part II

My Ugly but Yummy Breakfast

When I was transitioning to raw I knew the importance of green juices. As I began to routinely juice I began to crave "morning juice", my body was telling me just how much I needed it. I seemed to prefer it upon rising more than any other time of day. And I started to notice that I wanted smoothies in the late afternoon.  But one complaint I have read about with newbie raw foodies is having to do both, green smoothies and green juices. Many ask, why do I have to do both? Can't I just do one? I have to ask, why wouldn't you do both?? They are two entirely different things. Smoothies, green smoothies, give you the fiber and nutrients you need while juicing gives you the nutrients but not the fiber. So why would you juice you ask? Juices are a supplement for additional nutrients and they help protect the body from diseases by supplying it with the live food it needs in an easily absorbable form. Many people do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and juicing is an easy and quick way to increase this intake in a form that the body can absorb very quickly. Not much digestion is needed so your body is nourished almost instantly. I always feel really energized shortly after my juice.
So why the green smoothies? FIBER! It is all about the fiber when it comes to smoothies in the blender. Fiber is not found in animal products, junk food and other SAD foods. Blend up your fruits and veggies and you have an easily digestible meal at its finest. I actually like making blended salads too. Perhaps I will post some blended salad recipes soon. I like having the best of both worlds, I could not imagine living the raw living foods lifestyle with out making both, fresh juices and green smoothies.
Here is a pic of my ugly yet yummy breakfast today.
This is a simple juice made with only 4 ingredients. I used my organic collards from my produce buying club and threw in some baby spinach, carrots and one apple. This was so good, you do not taste the collard at all. Sometimes juices with collards can taste bitter but this combo was fantastic.

Here is my recipe:
1 collard leaf
2 C baby spinach
4 large carrots
1 red delicious apple, remove seeds

So what is left over after juicing these amazing vegetables and apple? A beautiful pulp that I freeze and save for making raw crackers. If you don't have a dehydrator yet you can put it in the compost bin.

Speaking of dehydrators, that came along in the middle of my journey this past year...I will post about that in Part III or Part IV. Peace & Raw Health!
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for a cup of warm tea in my very cold hands this morning. It is cold and rainy down here in SW FL and I am freezing. I cuddled up with my cup of tea as I taught our 6 year old school this morning. I am dreading my shower. Time to turn on the tiny portable heater that we bought one year when we camped up in the Georgia mountains and it was very cold in our little pop up camper. Boy does that little electric heater come in handy during our few cold days we have down here each year. We do have central heat but the hubby makes us keep it set very low so most of the time we are bundled up and wondering why??? :)


kelli said...

great post! i love juices and smoothies equally. i've read you can add your juice pulp to soups! i will be trying that soon.

ps i think you're juice is very pretty!

Mr. H. said...

Very interesting observations on juicing, we do a lot of blending but do not have a of these days I will have to pick one up.

Thanks so much for sharing all of that information on headaches. Many of the things you talked about do indeed apply to my mom. Sharing this information with her is one thing but getting her to give up the aspartame and TV dinners is another. The sad part is that I grew up eating out of my parents garden during their "hippy" years. Now I am the one who gardens and they don't care for veggies...or fruits for that matter.

Elizabeth said...

You are welcome Mr. H.
Peace & Raw Health,

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