Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunny Salad Bowl

Crystal blue skies this morning in SW Florida, the air is crisp and the smell is sweet. I had to fill up on some sunshine this morning and this was the perfect dish to do just that!
I was blessed once again to receive fresh, tree ripe, Florida pummelos from our dear friends Dr. & Mrs. "F".
Thanks guys!! You are so wonderful.
Well this time I hit THE PUMMELO LOAD-- the mother load of pummelo. Seven of them are missing from the picture, I already ate those :)

Mother Load of Pummelo

Sunny Salad Bowl
2 pummelos, peeled and sliced/diced
handful of sunflower sprouts (my own :)
handful of organic raisins
drizzle of RAW honey
sprinkling of pumpkin seed powder (ground in nut chopper)

These citrus fruits are sooo juicy, you will be left with a delicious juice in the bottom of the bowl. Be sure and drink that straight from the bowl, I always do!! It is so sweet and yummy with the raw honey mixed with the pummelo juice--yummo! Drink in the sunshine. If you spot a pummelo at your market I highly recommend you try one, they are so worth it. Be warned, they are filled with millions of seeds and there is only one way to cut them. You'll want to get every bit of this delicious fruit when cutting (that you'll probably pay dearly for) so please read my step-by-step post. I posted about that here.
+JMJ+Today I am grateful for tree ripened fruit right from my friend's backyard.


kt said...

You are indeed lucky to have such easy access to fresh fruit! I've never had a pummelo, mostly because here in Alaska we would pay about $8 for one. Your salad looks lovely.

Elizabeth said...

hey kt,
yes $8 for one would be too steep for me!! It would be lovely with a white grapefruit as well. Are those a fortune in Alaska as well? Probably, huh.
Peace & Raw Health,

Mr. H. said...

Another wonderful salad that looks and sounds divine...like kt, I have never had a pummelo, but maybe one of these days.:)

kelli said...

i've never tried pummelo. looks yummy! sunflower sprouts? i'll have to try those next!

blessedmama said...

Lucky you! The salad looks great. I saw your question about Vegan Gourmet cheese on my site. The full name actually is Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet. It is completely vegan and has no casein - good question. If I don't happen to see a question you left on an old post, feel free to e-mail with a question or leave your question on my latest post, even if it's unrelated. Have a great day, Elizabeth!

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