Friday, March 11, 2011

Growing Good Fruit and My Blog AWARD

Today we woke up to a cold morning, for us that is. It was in the low 50's. I am still cold to the bone and trying to warm up with a cup of my herbal detox tea. Three warm little bodies crawled into bed with me this morning--that was nice. But reality hit and we had to get up and start our homeschool day. For theology today the focus is on "Growing Good Fruit for God", Five Ways to Become More Like Jesus. This is a wonderful Lenten activity written by Sandra Garant. The focus for the first week of Lent is Good Words; helping us to be   aware of the fact that our words are powerful. Our words can make wonderful things happen not only for ourselves but for others as well. Our personal focus will be on using manners, compliments that are sincere, being good listeners and praying more so we can hear what Our Lord is telling us through the scriptures.  I wanted to introduce the topic to our son today so come Monday we are ready to begin cultivating some good fruit!!
I can't help but think of my new little garden. As I tend to my delicate young plants it reminds me to be mindful of my words--sometimes I use words that produce bad fruit. This is one major area that I personally will be working on as I continue on my Lenten journey. My raw journey comes into play as well here. How can I make my body healthy and capable of producing good fruit? By filling it with the God given living and raw foods that I adore so much. And how does my raw blog fit into this life lesson? Well, I am delighted to say that I was nominated for an award. My thanks go out to the lovely and always kind Kelli who gives wonderful compliments and encouragement to her fellow bloggers = "Good Words". Big THANK YOU Kelli for thinking of my blog :) :)

Here are the guidelines given on Kelli's blog, where she posts about her receiving this award:
  1. Thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
  2. Copy and paste the Logo in your blog.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other Great Bloggers.
  5. Comment and let them know of the award.

Seven Things About Myself:
1. I began dancing at the age of four. I took ballet, jazz and tap until the age of 16.
2. I love camping.
3. I still haven't completed our five children's photo or baby albums...lame I know!
4. I was a cheerleader in grades 7th-12th.
5. I am afraid of escalators and flying.
6. I wish I had the strength, and intelligence to be an organic farmer and also raise a few chickens. 
7. I secretly wish the rest of my family would choose to be vegan and even more raw. With the exception of honey--we love raw honey so they technically would not be true vegans, by some people's definition.

The Fifteen AMAZING Blogs I Nominate Are (I am inspired by each of them in one way or another; they do a great job blogging)
1. Addicted to Veggies
2. Family at the Foot of the Cross
3. Follow Your Bliss
4. Gluten Hates Me be But I'm Surviving
5. HiHoRosie's Place
6. Goodnes Me Goddess
7. it's a High Raw Life
8. One Woman's Creations
9. Our Raw Life
10. Queen of Kale
11. Raw Loulou
12. Backyard Organic Garden
13. Subsistence Pattern
14. The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen
15. Catherine et les fées
**I am adding one more, because I LOVE her blog and how dedicated she is to sharing healthy recipes!! Way to go Jane.
16. Blend It and Mend It
This morning I started out with a Mega Green Mango Smoothie. This baby was packed with 3 cups of organic spinach and also dandelion greens. The fruit portion consisted of frozen mango and fresh, ripe bananas.
Mega Green Mango Smoothie
4 cups organic baby spinach
8 dandelion green leaves
3 small ripe bananas
2 C water
1/2 C ice
handful of frozen mango
I tend to reverse the proportions of fruits to greens in our smoothies, making the green percentage higher than the fruit. This didn't happen overnight, yet very slowly so I could get the kids transitioned smoothly. They  prefer the higher green ratio to fruit--the greener the better for them. Gotta love it!! Moving slowly in this direction really paid off. I recommend this to anyone trying to incorporate green smoothies into their lifestyle. I literally began by only putting a few spinach leaves or other greens into a blender filled with fruit. Each week I would add in a few more leaves. I took my time and did not work up to high greens for several months. I also began adding raw green powders in increments of a 1/2 a teaspoon at a time. This also paid off as I can now add in an entire scoop when I have the powders on hand.
The remaining half of my breakfast was more like a snack than a meal. I made the most amazing Rawnut Caramel Dip last night and was looking forward to enjoying it today.
Rawnut Caramel Dip
by Elizabeth @ Raw Living and Learning
1/2 C soaked raw macs
1/2 C soaked raw walnuts
1/3 C soaked raw pecans
pinch of Himalayan salt
1 tsp pure vanilla
1/4 C raw agave
1/2 C date paste (dates soaked overnight in coconut water)
Blend until creamer in the blender. Add splashes of spring water as needed for proper blending.
Serve as a dip for apples and carrot sticks. Enjoy!

Well, I am off to notify the bloggers that I nominated for the "One Lovely Blog Award". I wish I could have listed more than 15, I enjoy so many great blogs!! Peace and Raw Health!
+JMJ+ Today I am gratful for the recovery of two sick kiddos--really had me in a tizzy. So glad it is over.


HiHoRosie said...

I'm sorry, I never realized you had a blog! Well, I'm glad I know of it now. Thank you so much for bestowing this lovely blog award to me. Now, I need to start thinking of 7 things...your caramel dip sounds yummy!

Mr. H. said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I like what you said about good words and agree that they truly are a powerful thing.:)

Loulou said...

Many Mercis for the award and congrats for yours!! well deserved!! love your blog!!

Cynthia said...

Thanks so much for the award. Surgery is in the morning. Yikes! I love your lent post too. Angie and I have had similar journeys. Fasting is amazing no matter what time of year. Peace Cynthia

kelli said...

great post, elizabeth! thanks for the good words.=) i really enjoyed your list. why not have the children help you do the baby books as an art activity? you could turn it into a lesson on how they've grown or to discuss accomplishments they've made throughout the years. just an idea.=)

your smoothie and caramel dip sound great!

Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

Hi Elizabeth :) Congrats! You won the seed giveaway on my blog. Just send me an email with your shipping info. My email is

Em said...

Hey! I like your blog! I'm sixteen and I just started to write a blog on health and nutrition being a mostly raw organic vegan myself!
Please share and follow I would appreciate it!!

HiHoRosie said...

Thanks again for my award now I bestow one to you ;)

blessedmama said...

I don't like flying or escalators either! Thanks for the great tip on incorporating greens into children's smoothies. Slow and steady gets the greens down.

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