Saturday, March 26, 2011

So You Say You Want to Go Raw?

I saw these videos some time ago, thanks to 'Going Raw- A University Student's Experience' Thanks for posting the links!! I've had this post in "drafts" for a while now and just wanted to finally get it posted.
 I really enjoyed watching these two young men try living the raw living foods lifestyle for 30 days. It is a shame that they concentrated on so many salads and didn't have the chance to experience truly gourmet raw recipes also. I think they would have been blown away by the possibilities had they been exposed to more raw desserts, green juices, sprouts, and fun, gourmet raw food dishes. (Maybe they did have all of these things, I don't really know). But I know for me, when I began creating dishes like these below I was in love with this lifestyle and knew that I didn't ever want to look back.






 It looked like they went to a few raw potlucks but it would have been great if they could have had time to prepare dishes, experiment with the dehydrator and really explore all that raw has to offer. People think that raw foodies are limited, but in actuality it is just the opposite. I think people on the SAD diet are limited. But that's just me.
Check out the blog at
They are really good and if you have ever considered trying raw this is a great way to get you motivated, if these two guys can do it, anyone can!! The first step is to give it a try by simply increasing the amount of fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables in your diet and the rest will fall into place if you are truly commited to this idea. I still am taking baby steps in some regards and that is what works for me. Knowing my limits and making each and everyday a new learning experience. I love learning and am grateful to all of the people who so generously share their ideas, thoughts, recipes and encouragement to all of us out in "raw blog land". Here are the videos.

Part One:

Part Two:
When I mention out in public that I eat "raw" several people respond by, "I thought about trying to go raw, how did you learn about it?" Or they'll say, "I really need to do something different with my diet, how did you start?" Others ask with eyes wide open, "Do you eat raw meat??" No, I don't eat raw meat.  One person at Whole Foods even said, "If you ever write a book, I'll buy one." Boy that got the wheels turning in my little head--in my spare time perhaps I can start working on that! Yeah right!!
Many people have asked me how I learned about the raw diet. I like to call it the raw, living foods lifestyle, like so many others do. I tell them the truth, I learned by spending hours reading on the Internet and also by reading through raw recipe books. I started googling "raw recipes" and up popped a library of web sites to explore. You can easily weed through them, there are a lot of people out there who are not really knowledgeable when it comes to this topic. It is pretty easy to spot the sites that you'll want to skip. When I began reading I liked to follow Paul Nison, John at Growing your greens channel and I learned all about juicers here, Ani Phyo, Hippocrates Health Institute, Jennifer Cornbleet, just to name a few. I steered away from those pushing products, super foods and the like. I had to keep things very simple in the beginning as I was learning and discovering what would work in my life and in my household.  Then I started going to raw living foods meetings and learned from people who have lived this lifestyle for several years. Each and every day I learn something new. But ultimately I had to learn what works for me by trial and error. We have to listen to our bodies and follow our instincts. Right away I felt the benefits of living foods and once I did, I was hooked. 
I started out slowly and gradually increased the percentage of raw and living foods in my diet. Once I felt the benefits I stuck to the highest percentage as possible. That is what makes me feel the best. Each and every person has different experiences when transitioning to this lifestyle and we need to be compassionate and understanding, and supportive. If you listen to your body, it will lead you down the right path. But this mental clarity doesn't come right away, it comes after several weeks or perhaps months of detox, depending on how slow or how fast one proceeds. Once you clean up the body and mind you are on a smooth path to healing and wellness. 
The journey can be quite rough or it can be smooth sailing. Just give it time and don't give up. You will be so happy that you had the perseverance to listen and wait. The best is yet to come. The longer you are on this living foods diet, the better you feel. Enjoy the fresh goodness that nature has given you. Study from the best and do your research. We only have one life to live on this earth, why not make it the best it possibly can be?! I look forward to my first juice feast--planning on starting it on Holy Thursday and breaking it on Easter Sunday. Baby steps--a 3 day juice fast/feast is about all I think I can do at this point, and I am not concerned if I can only make it through one or two days, I just want to try it and think positive. Hopefully I can do the full three days, that is my goal.
Peace and Raw Health!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for mental clarity. 


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog!! We are on the same mission it sounds!!! I am a homeschooling mother of 2 who loves to inspire people to add more raw into their diets!!! :)

Debra said...

It all looks so good. Thanks for the links- I am going to check them out.
Blessings, Debra
Raw Vegan Diet

kt said...

Yum- your creations look amazing. My raw/living foods adventure sounds similar to yours. I've found the journey to be so wonderfully exciting; smooth sailing, as you say.

Cynthia said...

I will have to head over to youtube and check it out. Never heard of it. Your holding out on me! C

Mr. H. said...

Thanks for all of the great links, I look forward to watching the youtube videos. You truly do eat gourmet foods, those pictures are amazing. Good luck with your juice fast.

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