Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I Ate Fast Food

Today was filled with fast food, not the drive thru type most people eat on the SAD diet, but fresh, ripe, raw, fast foods! Low in fat and high in carbs to keep me alert and running strong all day long. In the morning I prepared a pre-work out green smoothie in the high speed blender. It only took about 1 minute to make. It was loaded with, bananas, frozen mango, and mixed baby greens. Fast food!!
For lunch I grabbed two, ripe, organic pears.

Two handfuls of sprouts; broccoli and clover.

A bunch of baby bok choy and 2 stalks of Broccolette.

Placed it in a beautiful wooden bowl and lunch was served. Fast food!

I sat out in the sunshine watching the youngest three play in the yard and nibbled away on my lunch with my fingers. Two little ones kept coming up to me begging for baby bok choy. I am convinced that if we want children to eat healthy, we as  parents must lead by example. If they see us getting excited about fresh, ripe, juicy raw fruits and vegetables they will follow suit. I also tend to moan when I eat so it gets their attention :)
My fast food dinner was as easy as broccoli sprouts, one organic Gala apple, and some soaked organic raisins and Incan berries.

 Now that's my kind of fast food!!
I challenge anyone to tell me that eating healthy is too time consuming or too difficult. I don't see anything easier than rinsing off produce and dicing and slicing if necessary.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for rain and sunshine. I watched the boys running around in the rain while the sun remained brightly shining; it was beautiful!


kelli said...

great post! i've been struggling with my eating lately. lots of cooked "comfort food" (though i feel very uncomfortable after i eat it=). this post is very inspiring! thanks for sharing, elizabeth. xoxox

shannonmarie said...

That's my kind of fast food. Looks delicious. I wish there were fast food restaurants that offered meals like this.

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