Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two More 80/10/10 Salad Dressing Recipes

Massive salads are usually my dinner of choice and I have been enjoying them in many different ways. I was getting into a rut and really needed to start switching things up. I have been trying many different fruit and veggie combos as well as many new no fat/low fat dressings. I just take a look around the kitchen for inspiration and start putting things in my personal size blender and a new dressings are created, usually with 3 ingredients or less.
This salad was a mixture of mixed greens, my home grown sunflower greens and the most yummy Amish tomatoes that I found downtown at the 100% organic market.

 I had some dates soaking in the refrigerator and some juicy, organic plums on the counter top. The 80/10/10 dressing that I made was just those two fruits; three soaked Medjool dates and two organic plums. Perfection!


Plum Dressing

by Elizabeth @
2 ripe, organic plums
3 soaked, pitted, Medjool dates (keep soak water)
In personal size blender blend the plums and dates, using some of the soak water until you achieve your desired consistency. Enjoy!
Here is the dressed salad just bursting with flavor, begging to be eaten. I am finding that my recipes that require 5 or less ingredients are the most satisfying. I am really a believer now that simple is best. And I know that they digest better therefore I feel better!

The second salad was a combination of Lamb's Lettuce, sunflower greens, broccoli sprouts, red onion, baby green zucchini, and organic blueberries. I consider sprouts as one ingredient even if I use a combo of them because they are really easy for me to digest.
The 80/10/10 dressing for this salad was inspired by the case of mangoes that I just bought on sale at Wally World. They are so ripe, fragrant and juicy. I had some Roma tomato leftover from my son's lunch so I decided to blend the tomato with 1 mango and another perfect dressing was made.

Mango Tomato Dressing

by Elizabeth @

1 large, ripe mango
1-2 Roma tomatoes
In personal size blender, blend until creamy and thick. Thin with water if desired. Enjoy!

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for so many things that I can't pick out one in isolation--I feel truly blessed and am grateful for every minute of every day. I take all the ups with the downs and learn from them all.

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