Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Alternative Medicine

Write about alternative treatments / regimens / medicine. What do you support? What is crazy?

Here is the crazy!!

taken from greenmedinfo.com

This is what I support!

As I've written before I think that approaching health care should include a balance between traditional medicine and alternative. I believe we can benefit from both but the key is educating ourselves so that we, as the patient, can determine what the proper balance is. One of the authors of the book below lives right here in our town and we are so blessed to have such a wise man right within our reach. I would like to support his new book because I know that almost all of us have been touched by cancer. Perhaps a family member, friend or you personally.
Here is a powerful example of alternative regimes that truly balanced the scale for this cancer patient. Hope this information can help at least one person. The truth about cancer must be told!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for courageous people who are willing to expose the truth so others can benefit, thrive and live.

The Cure For Cancer Is Within You

The Cancer Killers: The Cause Is The Cure offers a radically new perspective on cancer, overcoming the prevailing half-century-old fatalistic view of "its all in the genes" into a liberating and empowering new vision of what the human body is capable of overcoming, given the right conditions.

From the first-hand experience of Dr. Charles Majors, who overcame an "incurable" form of metastatic bone cancer, to the theoretical framework provided by Sayer Ji and Dr. Ben Lerner within which self-healing from cancer is made intelligible, this book strikes to the root causes of and solutions for the cancer epidemic.

Watch the full length webinar on "The Problem With Pink" presented by the book co-authors below.

Dr. Charles Major's Brainstem Tumor

About The Authors

Authors, The Cancer Killers

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