Monday, November 19, 2012

My Favorite Blogs and Mono Meal Mondays


I wanted to share with you my favorite blogs. I have oh so many but will try to limit the list to a handful.
Note that I am not putting them in any particular order. Also some of these sites are not raw or vegan. But there are things about each one that I enjoy and therefore felt worth sharing. They are fun to read and I enjoy discovering how others are living their lives.
animal friendly eating
raw on $10 a day or less
blossoming joy
Subsistence Pattern
The Sunny Raw Kitchen
green med info
The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen
Homestead Revival
Fully Raw

A few posts ago I shared some info on eating mono meals. Well Monday has turned out to be my mono meal day for some unknown reason. It has just developed into a pattern. So here is an example of an entire days worth of mono meals. Keep in mind, if one is trying to do a major detox or give their digestive system a rest you would want to pick ONE fruit and eat that at every meal. I am not doing that so I have a different fruit at each of my meals.



Upon waking I drink a massive glass of purified water followed by a shot of my home grown wheat grass, 20 minutes later. I prefer to do my workout prior to eating my first solids of the day, and I do my workout in the morning, thus the liquid b-fast. If I am not mono mealing then my b-fast would be my water, wheatgrass shot, and then after working out a massive green smoothie.


Lunch will consist of a minimum of 5 truly ripe bananas, more if I am really hungry or worked out hard that day.


Dinner is as simple as cut up grapefruit, usually 4-5 of them! Sometimes I may sprinkle on a little steevia if I am wanting something sweeter.
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for feeling much better! This germ really took me out for the count. Usually I am spared the colds that the rest of the family get, but not this time. Hopefully it will be the only one this season!


kelli said...

thanks for the blog love.=)

glad you're better!

Elizabeth said...

welcome!! xoxo

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