Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prepping for Christmas

My mind is already racing just thinking about what I will prepare this year. Having to prepare food  for vegan, gluten free, carnivores and a raw foodie (me) can be quite the task. I have to find the perfect marriage of combinations to please everyone and it can be tough!
But, to prepare myself mentally I need to think clearly and that means simplicity. For me simplicity will take the form of a "vacation" from preparing my foods as I visit Banana Island for a few days.
Here is what the menu for me on Banana Island looks like:
Eat Them When They Look Like This!

10 banana smoothie

8 bananas cut up, smothered in banana milk (2 bananas blended)

5 bananas eaten the old fashion way--peel, bite, chew!

See the pattern here? It is simply mono meals all day long of JUST bananas. Simplicity, clarity, healing.
Now its time to focus on the meal plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas. That involves searching all of my GF, DF, vegan and meat based recipes for the rest of the family. I actually have fun going through all of my recipes and pulling together meals that they have enjoyed in years past. I then mix them up a bit so they have at least 2 new dishes each year. Raw and cooked pies will be on the menu for sure!

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for organic bananas @ 69 cents/lb

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