Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shocking News Flash

Today's blog prompt is to write a "News-style post." Well look at what just happened to be in my inbox this morning! Thought I must share this shocking information.

Quote from Forks Over Knives on How Plant-Based Food Can Feed More People:

They posted the above graphic on Facebook on October 17. Please click the image to share with your social media friends.

Let me share with you yet another one of my plant based recipes. This recipe uses the spicy, earthy green, arugula as its base. But I sweetened it with fresh, juicy pineapple and ripe tomato; creating a salsa like topping for this delectable green.

Pineapple Salsa Salad

by Elizabeth @rawlivingandlearning.blogspot.com

Diced pineapple (fresh)
Diced tomato
1/2 T raw, unsalted pine nuts
Pinch of cumin
Plate the arugula. In a bowl mix together the pineapple, tomato and pine nuts. Top the arugula with the salsa and sprinkle on cumin to taste. Enjoy!
+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for food on our table--how easily we can take this blessing for granted.


Cynthia said...

For the last few years now we have given to The Food for the Poor (A Catholic based program) at Christmas time as our annual giving. We of course give to our church but we put aside a larger portion at Christmas to give to FFTP. We have learned a lot about this program and the good it does. It has helped us realize how severe the problem is. All four of us look forward to giving every year. And I pray our boys will continue the tradition with their families. C

Elizabeth said...

I will have to research FFTP. Thanks for the tip.

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