Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Throw it in a Bowl

This is one of those "recipes" that I just adore. Two ingredients thrown in a bowl.

Throw it in a Bowl

2 (6 oz) cartons of organic blueberries
2 cucumbers, diced
That's it!! Enjoy!

 The flavor was amazing. Who would have thought that cucumbers and blueberries would taste so good together. It is recipes like these that can keep one raw while traveling or running out the door for a busy day. So easy to prepare and pack.
We were blessed to be able to travel up to North Carolina this past November over Thanksgiving and I prepared easy dishes like this for myself and to share with the rest of the family. Of course I packed the travel blender so we could have our morning green smoothie--we cannot begin the day without one!

 It really makes traveling and eating healthy effortless. That is the point I am trying to make. I have spoken with so many people that have the misconception that living a raw, vegan lifestyle is difficult. I could not disagree more. For me cooking is a pain in the neck!
  Here are two great pictures of the children with hubby and I as we were hiking to the waterfall we went to.

We snapped the Christmas card photo of the kids there--it was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful.

Hiking down was just as much fun as the hike up.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for an even higher level of healing.


kelli said...

Beautiful photos! The colors of that simple salad are so vibrant. I've been eating a lot of cucumbers lately and can't wait to go organic blueberry picking again this summer.

shannonmarie said...

OMG, those are my favorite kind of recipes. Yum! Oh, and your family is gorgeous. Love the photos <3

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