Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Carrot Juice with a Twist

This is the twist--kale.

Certain members of our household adore raw kale and we try to use it in just about everything. Today we added it to our carrot apple lemonade that we make routinely. If you want to get veggies into your kids, give this juice a try. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream because the fiber is not present. They'll get a blast of nutrients that require almost no digestion. Juices that have greens in them are very cleansing so ease newbies into this slowly by diluting the juice with a little bit of purified water. A good ratio to start would be 50/50 for those new to green juices. Each week decrease the water to juice ratio until you reach 100% juice!
Here are the ingredients:

Carrot Juice with a Twist

by Elizabeth @

12-13 large, organic carrots
1 organic apple, I use the entire thing!
1 organic lemon, use two if small
3-4 large stalks of organic kale, stems and all

Run all of the ingredients through the juicer and ENJOY!
Note: For those new to green juices, dilute the juice with some water and slowly, over several weeks of juicing, add less and less water until you are drinking 100% juice. I find that children who are new to fresh juices, even those without greens, do best in the beginning with diluted juices. Their bodies will adjust to the cleansing properties of the juice and within a few weeks of regular juicing they will be able to handle 100% fresh juice.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for children who squeal when they see me getting the juicer out!!

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kelli said...

that sure is something to be grateful for! how cute!=)

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