Quick Raw Soup Recipe

Well I am sharing yet another raw soup recipe. I have been on a soup kick I guess. But this recipe is really, really good and I hope you can give it a try. It only requires 4 main ingredients and comes together so quickly. I have added an optional ingredient if you need to get selenium into your diet--3 raw Brazil nuts. They lend a yummy creamy texture to the soup too!
I garnished the soup with some fresh, home grown sunflower greens. If you have been reading over my blog you know that I LOVE my sprouts. I always have at least 3 varieties sprouting each day, sometimes more.
If you need information on how to sprout and grow sunflower greens you can look at some of my previous posts. Here is a basic one on sprouting and growing. And here is a picture of the black sprouting trays I currently use. I purchased them at Ace but my father found some at Home Depot as well. Of course you can always order them on line if you prefer. When I first started out I just used a disposable Hefty pan that I had in the house. I posted about it here. The point is to keep it simple so that you'll DO IT. That is what I have found to be very helpful for me--keep it simple.

Carrot Apple Pear Soup

by Elizabeth @rawlivingandlearning.blogspot.com

2 organic pears, rough chop
6 organic carrots, rough chop
1 organic apple, rough chop
3 Medjool dates, pitted and soaked for 30-60min till soft
1/8 tsp pumpkin spice
1/2 C purified water or more to blend
3 raw Brazil nuts, ground into a powder in coffee grinder (optional)

Garnish: Sunflower greens

Place all of the soup ingredients into a high speed bender, adding the water first. Blend to your desired texture and garnish with sunflower greens or edible flowers would be nice too.

+JMJ+Today I am grateful for accomplishing a daunting task. Relief!