Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dave's Killer Bread

"Just say no to bread on drugs."

This is what it says on the label of Dave's Killer organic Good Seed Spelt bread. Allow me to tell you the story of how I found this bread. I was reading a blog post about better options for breads and even some gluten free breads. So I began clicking on all of the different bread links that this blogger was describing and the only one that stood out was Dave's! It is not a gluten free bread but an organic spelt bread loaded with seeds. First I scoured the ingredients list, next I snooped all around their web site, and lastly I clicked on the link to Dave's story. Here is the link for you to enjoy.
I was bawling half way into the video and cried again when I watched it the second time with my hubby.
His story is so beautiful and so inspirational that I just had to contact them and tell them just that. I also was so bold as to ask for a sample of their spelt bread so our family could try it and then I could post our review here. They quickly wrote back and said, YES! I was thrilled. The bread was shipped out on Monday and arrived on Wednesday.
They were kind enough to send us 2 loaves!! Thank you Linda! (Customer Relations Representative).
Take a look at this bread!!

  The kiddos could not wait to tear into it and give it a taste test. I got 2 of our 5 children to pose for me while taking their first bite.
Now look at them rip into this bread....they really liked it, we actually finished one entire loaf that day!
And of course I had to smother my piece with veggies and sprouts.
First I topped a plain piece of bread with organic Roma tomatoes, a little bit of 21 spice mix, then topped that off with a generous serving of broccoli sprouts.
We do not eat regular wheat bread anymore, only sprouted grain breads, gluten free breads and some spelt bread. I really have not found a killer tasting spelt UNTIL NOW!!!
 And I, personally, stick to my raw breads that I make myself, but of course I just had to try this bread. Linda was so kind to send it to us and I had to taste it myself  in order to give a proper review.
It is super moist and extremely chewy and flavorful...just how bread should be, right?! My husband really liked how it was packed with seeds. The children couldn't stop eating it and kept asking for more. We even tried it toasted and that was amazing as well. We devoured one loaf the day it arrived and put the other in the freezer. The kiddos look forward to eating the second loaf this week spread thick with sunflower butter and some raw honey.
Just take a look at the list of awesome ingredients in this spelt bread. Of course I personally wish the sugar was not in there, perhaps sweetened with some date paste would be better, but that is just me.

Good Seed Spelt Ancient Grain

SPELT CONTAINS GLUTEN. Spelt, wheat’s ancestor.
 NOT for celiacs!
  • 100% whole grain spelt
  • 25g of whole grains per slice
  • 4g of fiber per slice
  • Certified organic
  • 27oz loaf size
  • Certified Kosher by Oregon Kosher
INGREDIENTS: Organic whole-grain spelt flour (wheat), water, Good Seed mix (organic whole ground flaxseeds, organic whole flaxseeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic unhulled sesame seeds, organic black sesame seeds), organic dried cane syrup (sugar), organic molasses, yeast, sea salt, organic rice bran extract.

I highly recommend you visit their web site and order some of their AMAZING organic breads.

+JMJ+ Today I am grateful for those brave enough to do the right thing. I will forever be grateful that I heard Dave's beautiful transformation story.  


Sanni said...

Is it sprouted and eggless?

Elizabeth said...

I cut and pasted the ingredient list in the post for everyone.
No the spelt flour is not sprouted.
Peace and Raw Health,

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