Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reversing Cancer with a Plant Based Diet

Now here is a great story. A Texas major went vegan and now spreads the word to others. I have the same t-shirt as they do but mine is blue and white :) Just thought I'd share that. Anywho.....I wanted to share this article; I see it as a step in the right direction. Those in leadership using their position in a positive way, sharing the truth about health, diet, and the amazing benefits of veganism. Look at this,"The popularity of plant-based eating has also influenced at least six local restaurants to add vegan dishes to their menus." Now that is another step in the right direction. This is Texas guys!!!! You know how much they idolize their animal protein.

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kelli said...

great post. we just went to a viewing for a relative of john's who died too young of cancer (only 56). he was a doctor and i feel sad that he went the conventional route. we and others gave him information but i guess he trusted the opinions of his colleagues. there are so many testimonials of people healing with diet that the healing power of food (and the poisonous nature of what they call food today) just can't be ignored anymore. thank you for sharing this.

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