Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going Nuts for Coconuts

Ok, I am going nuts here in South Florida looking at all of the green coconuts in the trees and wondering how the heck I can get some. I want them for the coconut water. I have been wanting to add fresh coconut water to my raw diet for quite some time. I am a bit afraid to knock on people's doors and ask them if I can cut down their coconuts.
I found water Kefir grains so I can make my own non-dairy kefir with these water grains and coconut water. I added the water Kefir grains to my store...check them out. Now I just need some coconuts!! 
Anyway, if you too want young coconuts but don't live in a tropical climate, check out this web site:

Here is the direct link for the products they sell. They even have coconut pencil holders!

Peace and have a great raw day!
~JMJ~ Today I am grateful for my 3 red cherry tomatoes that I picked from one of my potted plants. I am just thrilled that I am actually growing things in this HEAT!

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